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Face Lift & Upper Eyelids - Prague, Czech Republic

I am approaching my 50th birthday this year, so I decided to prepare mentally and physically by having a facelift and an upper eyelids done. I live close to Beverly Hills well known for its plastic surgeons, but I do not know any of them personally, nor do I have any friends with good experience from surgery done in Beverly Hills (I have one friend with bad experience). So I chose to go... READ MORE

Dental Implants Fail Sometimes... but Are Still Worth It - Glendale, CA

I was missing 2 upper molars and had implants done 7 years ago. I had 3 surgeries in total: first for bone grafting, then implants inserted, then reinserted (2 weeks after putting them in first time) as surgent felt I needed thicker ones instead. All surgeries were under general anestesia and did not cause any considerable discomfort during or after, and no work time was lost. What general... READ MORE

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Ice After Facelift

I had my SMASS facelift (and upper eyelids) done 4 days ago. My cheeks are very swallen and hard, and I wonder for how long is it helpful to use ice pads to reduce... READ MORE

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I am sorry, I did not check this website for ages. This website would not let me to post my doctor's phone number, they would erase it as they did your email. But you can find him online through the name of his clinic: Perfect Clinic. READ COMMENT

Dear Anna, I did not check this site for years and missed your comment. Dr. Pros's clinic is called Perfect Clinic, you will easily find it online. READ COMMENT

Well, it has been 5 years since my surgery, and this year I realized that my cheeks dropped down during that time. However, there is no loose skin or new wrinkles, only shape of the face changed. I still consider my surgery a great... READ COMMENT

Dear blackntan, I like what I see, especially the knee and inner thigh areas (those are my problem areas as well, so I watch them like a hawk). Good job and nice smooth line of the leg as a result. Enjoy it. READ COMMENT

Dear Jerry, it was a good decision to have it done: looks great. READ COMMENT