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Asymmetry Post Bleph - Sacramento, CA

Mainly, I urge you NOT to go through w/ this surgery. Only now do I see that MOST of the online articles say that the MOST COMMON problem is asymmetry! Gee, too bad this was not emphasized to me in advance. Now I feel disfigured, embarassed, ashamed. I am sick every time I look in the mirror. Yes, I had a board certified p.s. Big deal. I'm still disfigured, depressed, sick.Did it... READ MORE

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5 Weeks Post Eyelid Surgery: Pocket of Fluid Under Eyebrow

This "golf ball" appeared about 3 days post-op, and has been there now almost 5 weeks. It just appeared out of nowhere, and has been sitting there, tender to the... READ MORE

Non Dissolving Stitch, Now a Knot on the Eyebrow, What Should I Do?

Non dissolving stitch is sitting on brow bone, 10 weeks post surgery. (10 weeks post upper/lower bleph) It feels like a little knot directly under the skin, which remains puffy... READ MORE

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I am also 2 yrs post surgery on upper/lower bleph, with horrible results, medically and cosmetically. My dry eye syndrome has made it impossible to function normally, impossible to wear contact lenses, and then, look in the mirror. My... READ COMMENT

I agree that this issue should be brought out. I have thought Dr. Oz or some such show would be useful, but then, I would not want to disclose my face on TV. We have to think of a way to let others know that this is a high risk... READ COMMENT

8 months post op. I just feel that my eyes look weird. Worse than that, I am now a chronic dry eye patient, which has changed my quality of life, dramatically. DO NOT GO INTO EYE SURGERY UNLESS W a reputable board certified oculoplastic... READ COMMENT

I agree that this issue (general plastic surgeons doing delicate work that ONLY an oculo p.s. should do) should be more publicized. I was thinking that a Dr. Oz show would be a good start, but I would not want to be on TV. Somebody,... READ COMMENT

I have consulted w/ 1 attorney who turned me down. I think it is just too boring....no razzle dazzle, and probably very little sympathy for people who go into "elective surgery." That's my take on it. If anybody knows of a reliable... READ COMMENT