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Brilliant, honest, outstanding work ethics.

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Ear Surgery

10 Apr 2017, Created 3 months ago

Adrian Lo, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I had bilateral otoplasty, as well as Juvederm and Voluma on my cheeks. Dr. Lo is a brilliant, friendly, and HONEST doctor. He'd tell you if you don't need something done. I personally had a fantastic experience with him and his staff. Dr. Lo had incredible work ethics, he took the time to see me for a follow up on a Saturday! In bad weather. None of his staff was even in. He could have... READ MORE

Restylane & Juvederm. Absolutely Worth it - Philadelphia

Absolutely worth it. I had lost a lot of volume on my face due to aging and heredity. READ MORE

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Four months later and the wound is fully healed. I still feel some soreness when the ears gets twisted or bumped or if I sleep on it (I use a donut pillow), but the redness is gone and the cartilage feels soft and pliable again. No... READ COMMENT

I had mine done two days ago, bandages were taken off this morning. There's still some swelling and pain. I expected that the "discomfort" associated with this procedure is going to last a long time. My husband had piercings in his... READ COMMENT