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18 mo. paralysis of inner frontalis muscle after coronal brow lift

Do NOT have a coronal brow lift. Endoscopic do not last and coronal is cutting you whole head from ear to ear! I had horrid pain where surgeon did not close incision, drain failed three times, major pain for months, head itches continually, one eyebrow is now 1 inch lower than the other and this brow is paralyzed 4.5 months later. Surgeon was supposed to have been top-notch. He never... READ MORE

Questions from Wondering....

More Wrinkles After Eyelid Surgery

Had lower bleph,w/eye fat put in tear trough, fat repositioned onto cheek bones,"tissue" btw. eyes in frown lines,+lift of face, brow,+ CO2 laser. Now 7 wks.later,... READ MORE

Brow Lift Failure - Options to Fix?

Doctor says anchor points for coronal brown lift didn't hold. Now eyes are too close to brow & have a "mean look, w/eye bruising near nose. Upper blepharoplasty... READ MORE

Eyebrow Disaster After Coronal Brow Lift

Had coronal brow lift, face lift, and lower blepharoplasty 4.5 mo.ago. Left eyebrow is 1”lower than right and left doesn't move. Lift left brow &right brow lowers... READ MORE

Neuropraxia of Frontalis Nerve Questions

After brow lift, both brows had paresis for 3 months, but one brow raised and one still 1" lower after 4.5 mo. Did surgeon know he did this? Why would he not tell me? Have... READ MORE

Temples Have "Pins and Needles" Tingling 5.5 Mo. After Face and Brow Lift. What's Happened?

Left temple down to side of face still tingles when rubbed. Right temple tingles less and that eyebrow recovered,but left frontalis muscle still paralyzed and 1" lower w/o... READ MORE

One Eyebrow Still Paralyzed 9 Months After Coronal Brow Lift. Options?

One eyebrow is at least 1" inch lower than other now. Gives a "sinister" look.Botox on non-paralyzed side, but doesn't last. Slight movement in outer edge of... READ MORE

Botox Has Worsened Already Paralyzed Frontalis Eyebrow Muscle, Can Anything Be Done?

Previous paralysis of one eyebrow 8 mo.after coronal brow lift, when doctor injected Botox above inner eyebrow.Site bled, was sore with lump,needle mark for 3 mo.before laser... READ MORE

Who is the Best Surgeon to Repair Paralyzed Frontalis Muscle After a Coronal Brow Lift?

13 months after coronal brow-lift there is NO movement of left eyebrow at inner corner near nose. Outer eyebrow moves some and makes wrinkles. Looks horrible as left eyebrow is... READ MORE

Should I Wait for 2 Years to See if Medial Frontalis Muscle Will Repair Anymore?

18 mo. after coronal brow lift, left eyebrow is still 1" lower than right. Surgeon used Botox on right & on "drooping" left eye, but wears off. After1 yr, the outer... READ MORE

What Surgery is Best to Restore Paralyzed Inner Frontalis Muscle Now 18 Months After Coronal Brow Lift?

At 18 mo, left eyebrow is 1" lower than right eyebrow! Surgeon used Botox on right eye & on "drooping" left eye, but doesn't last. At 1 year, the outer frontalis muscle... READ MORE

How to Anchor Medial Brow Lift with Upper Blep 18 Mo. After Coronal Brow Disaster?

Endotine won't work as left medial is paralyzed--1" lower than right eyebrow! Oculoplastic says do direct brow lift which makes horrid scar! Option? How can you anchor a stitch... READ MORE

New Technique for Paralyzed Frontalis Nerve?

Anyone know if this technique would work for paralyzed frontalis nerve from brow lift? It's been 2 years, brows are grossly asymmetrical. Botox evens them, but makes for... READ MORE

Is Pretrichial Brow Lift Possible if There is NO Forehead Skin After Coronal Brow Lift?

One eyebrow is almost 1 inch lower than other brow after paralysis of frontalis nerve following coronal lift 2.5 years ago. Can the pretrichial lift achieve the goal of brow... READ MORE

4 years ago in brow lift with braided suture, frontalis nerve injured so that left eyebrow is 2" lower.

Gives horrid mean look. Tried quill suture. Failed. Suggested to take tissue from thigh muscle to hold up eyebrow & attach in hairline -only at major eye center.Interferes with... READ MORE

Recent comments from Wondering....

I went to a board certified doctor and knew the risks. It has been 18 mo. and I still have paralysis in one brow. I have had MANY replies from doctors on this board and they will all tell you that it can happen to the best. Nerves can... READ COMMENT