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Ways to Improve Hollow, Round Eyes?

I am 20 and have always been insecure about my eyes, as they often give a "shadowed" appearance in photos and look lost in my face. I also have undereye hollows (dark... READ MORE

Oculoplastic Surgery: To What Extent Can Plastic Surgery Alter the Eyes?

My question is somewhat open-ended -- what exactly makes eyes so different? What makes eyes "cute" vs. "sexy?" Is it their shape? Their size? Their set? The... READ MORE

Reducing Length of Long Face, Is this Possible?

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if an individual has a long mid-third of the face (distance between eyes and lips), can the nose be shortened and the lips and jaw moved... READ MORE

Options For Fixing Bilateral Enopthalmos And Breathing Problems?

Over the years, I've suffered from breathing problems (unable to breathe out of one side of my nose and the side changes), and my eyes have become increasingly "sunken... READ MORE

Midface Shortening - Options?

I feel like I have a long midface (long distance from the top of the eyes to the bottom of the lips) and I was wondering what options exist for individuals such as myself. READ MORE