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I had the procedure done last year...and they did not disclose anything about pain..in fact the whole office said they had it done..it was great blah blah blah.. They were all in shock including the manufacturer that I had any pain .... READ COMMENT

I would say much more than 10.. I actually still have a physical issue on my stomach where I think they did too much.. Nd I was in assiv pain.. My husband is an attorney and he was pissed.. Did it work? I'd say parts ..but the... READ COMMENT

Hi guys... I'm a little over a month at this point..the pain subsided after about 3 weeks.. Ffull feeling resolved in about 6 weeks.. I have to say I do see a difference..at first I thought yes of course I've lost weight I've been in... READ COMMENT

My doctor prescribed a topical on Tuesday.. I thought someone would have called to check on me yesterday but no.. Today is 11 days..I woke up with more bearable pain..its only 645 am..so we will see.. READ COMMENT

How are you now..its April... I'm freaking out... READ COMMENT