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Best Time for Breast Surgery - Before or After Menstrual Cycle?

I heard that we shouldn't have the surgery land on our menstrual cycle time, so I was wondering, if it's better AFTER the cycle, or BEFORE the cycle? READ MORE

Would 325cc Gummy Bear Silicone Gel Look Too Big for Me?

I am 5'4" , 108lbs, currently wearing 32A bras. I am looking for a full B to a small C. Would a 325cc size silicone gummy bear gel give me that size? READ MORE

Are Gummy Bear Silicone Gel Implants Supposed to Look Natural?

Hello, I was thinking of getting a TEAR DROP shaped implants, and I was wondering if the gummy bear ones will give me the natural look for the tear drop shape? READ MORE

What Size and Profile Implants Will Give a Softer Cleavage Look?

After looking at pictures of breast implant results, I think I want to go for a round silicone implant, but I'm not too sure what profile I should go for, for a softer... READ MORE

Would Gummy Bear Silicone Gel Be Firmer and Harder Than Cohesive Silicone Gel?

I was wondering if I should go with Round gummy bear silicone or round cohesive liquid ones. And also, should I go with Textured or smooth? What are the pros and cons for this? READ MORE

How Long After Breast Surgery Can I Start Using Stretch Marks Cream or Oil?

Hi.. I am 4 days post op and I am starting to notice pink stretch marks on the upper pole and near the arm pit / side. Since I am 4 days post op, can I still use stretch marks... READ MORE

What Happens if my Right Boob and Nipple is Numb?

I just had my breast augmentation and my right boob and nipple is numb. I was wondering if this numbness will affect breast feeding as well?? READ MORE

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325cc or 350cc??

Anyone have this frustration between choosing these 2 implants?? I'm going through this right now.. my surgery is next Thursday, and I"m still jumping between these two... If... READ MORE

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Glad our responses helped!!! Good luck girl!! READ COMMENT

Hany: honestly.. Even before I got my boobs done, I've been wearing push up bras that look like the size I have now.. Nobody noticed it. So I think 325 is fine for u too!! I love it!! Not too big not too small. READ COMMENT

Hey Hany, I'm the same stats as u.. I got myself 325cc and I think they're full c cups right now . READ COMMENT

Good luck!! Don't be nervous.. it's not that bad!! EVerything will happen really fast and before you know it, you have boobs! HAHAH READ COMMENT

King: I"m feeling great!! Recovery went better than expected!!!! How about yourself?? I actually went to try on bras yesterday and I couldn't fit a C cup with wire... I think I"m a DD Cup right now. LOL! What size are you? READ COMMENT