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Hello, happy everything is going well with your recovery. I am having a thigh lift in December. Can you tell me about the surgery? Were you in a lot of pain? Where is your incision? Sorry to bombard you with questions... Thanks READ COMMENT

Your recovery room is nice. Why are you taking laxatives all day? READ COMMENT

Happy for you, Happy Healing!!!! Also its wonderful to have a great doctor... READ COMMENT

I am having a thigh lift in December and your legs look amazing. Where is your incision? I was told that mine will be in my groin area? and how long did it take for you to heal? Thanks READ COMMENT

I would love to see your results (, I am a campos fan but he has gotten so expensive and I got a super great quote from Yily, the only thing I'm concerned with is if she had experience in doing tummy tuck revisions?? READ COMMENT