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Face Sagging and Longer After Rhinoplasty - Lancashire, UK

I had a Rhinoplasty nearly a year ago now. Just 1 week after I had noticed my face and jowl area looked longer and sagged. Is this because when the hump was removed and my nose lowered the skin on my face also went downwards?? It's making me very unhappy and not sure what to do about it??? READ MORE

Questions from tiamaria

What Happens if Nerves Are Damaged During Rhinoplasty?

I was wondering what happens if nerves are damaged during Rhinoplasty. If they are can they affect the facial muscles at all? How can I tell if my nerves have been damaged? READ MORE

Longer Upper Lip After Rhinoplasty

After wondering for months what has happened to my face after Rhinplasty, I've come to realise that my smile isn't the same. When I smile, my upper lip doesn't come... READ MORE

Malar Fat Died After Bad Nose Job - Help, Someone!!!

Help, someone. I had a revision Rhinoplasty 1 year ago and ever since the op, all the fat in my cheeks has disapeared. I believe this is my Malar fat. I believe my soft tissue... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer Permanent?

I lost of the fat in my uppper cheeks. Not quite sure how or why it happened but it was after my Rhinoplasty. I want a permanent solution to fix this. I am considering fat... READ MORE

What Size Do Cheek Implants Come in?

I am wondering what the largest size cheek implant is. I lost all the fat in my cheeks leaving my face very hollow and bottom heavy. I am going to try fat transfer to fix it... READ MORE

How Can you Tell that Fat has Actually Survived the Transfer? Biopsies?

I am trying to fix some bad fat atrophy on my face and am looking into fat transfer. After reading lots of reports I can't find anything that shows any proof of fat... READ MORE

Do Fat Cells Die and Reproduce and Does This Effect Grafted Fat?

I have been ready that studies have shown fat cells die and then get replaced with new cells. If this is the case, when fat has been grafted to the face and the cells die, do... READ MORE

How to Stop Fat Graft Taking to a Certain Area?

5 days ago I had fat grafting to repair atrophy from a previous trauma. The surgeon seems to have put some fat in a few areas I din't want it (jaw area). Is there anything... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Fill in Hollows in Mid-Face. Is This My best Option? (photo)

I'm not sure how, but after an face proceedure a few years ago I lost a lot of fat in my cheeks and they became very hollow in the submalar area. I'm going to get fat... READ MORE

Face Reconstruction with Fat Graft (Longevity)?

I am looking into reconstructing my cheeks (my soft tissue was lost after a trauma a few years ago). I have a question about longivity. Once the fat has a blood supply it is... READ MORE

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I was the same as you, I was looking at before and after pics and getting so obsessed and upset. I decided to go and see a surgeon and asked for his opinion. He said to him it looked like my cheeks had lost volume. A surgeon in London... READ COMMENT

Hi there, I am on an old post here somewhere as this happened to me in 2010. Worst time of my life. But I saved up, a lot, had quite a few fat grafts and I'm happy again. It is the only permanent way to get fat back in your face. It's... READ COMMENT

Everyone is different but all I'm doing is putting the fat back where it should be. There is no natural fix unless you are prepared to live with your new face. I wasn't which is why I choose fat grafts! READ COMMENT

Hey Lea hope your doing ok! xxx READ COMMENT

The fat in our faces has died due to the restriction of blood flow. This is due to the swelling after the rhinoplasty. Tissues need blood to live and without they die off. I have had 4 lots of fat grafting and things are a lot better. I... READ COMMENT