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6 Months Later, Very Happy - Las Vegas, NV

I had full face and neck. I have to say this really is painful but tolerable even without medication. I just sucked it up. I wasn't about to react to the pain because I didn't want to be slighted on the treatment. The little zaps felt like everyone describes them, bee stings or a rubber band snaps, but some were worse (temples-ouch). When I left my face was already itching and I had a... READ MORE

nothing??? - Las Vegas, NV

This is hard for me to judge because I was so rushed while I was there. But I had no pain, no burning and no feeling of any kind. I'm just trusting that the machine was on. I had it done 5 months ago and have never seen even the slightest hint of a result or difference. UPDATE: I am so happy, The SPA at Lakes Dermatology contacted me (now that's customer service) and... READ MORE

Photofacial 1st of 5 in Series - Las Vegas, NV

I had my first Photofacial yesterday. To my surprise a few hours later I noticed a lot of dark spots on my face. I didn't see all of this pigmentation before because it was very light. I'm not happy with the dark spots but I know it's evidence of a good treatment so I am anxiously waiting for them to slough off. I'm doing the recommended 5 treatments and I'll post a... READ MORE

Questions from Parkhaha

What Procedure Would be Best for Maintenance as I Age?

I'm 51 and Want to Look Better, Where Do I Start? I haven't had any thing done yet but know it's time for some maintenance. Problem is I'm unfamiliar with my... READ MORE

Is it normal to get a rash from Ultherapy? When should I expect it to go away?

I had Ultherapy in Las Vegas almost a month ago and still have this rash. It started the day of treatment with itching on my way home and by the next day it was a rash like... READ MORE

Is there a laser or peel recommended for sleep wrinkles on my cheeks? (photo)

I had Ultherapy 2 months ago and so far the results are subtle but I'm very happy and optimistic. My problem is the wrinkles I have on the left side of my face from sleeping.... READ MORE

Is the scaring from a lower face and or neck lift noticeable? Is there any kind of minor lift with small incisions? (photo)

I'm terrified of scaring; I can't imagine a bad face lift. I'd be thrilled if I could just get a minor lift, by the ear, to pull up the jowl area slightly. I had full face and... READ MORE

Recent comments from Parkhaha

This is the morning of my 2nd treatment, three years later. The first two years were great but for the last year the sagging ahas been starting to get pretty bad. It also looks worse because I put on a little weight. READ COMMENT

I don't know how many lines or the depth. I didn't even know there were options so I didn't ask. The woman who did it moved to another state so I gave no way to find out. I'm good with pain so I told here to not hold back and I didn't... READ COMMENT

Yes, it did help the fat under my chin but it really took the full 6 months did see a big difference. That under chin fat is from the cheeks falling down and the Ultherapy lifted my cheeks which pulled the fat back up. I ended up being... READ COMMENT

Wow, I'm sorry it went that way for you. I agree it is painful and I was numb for a month afterward but I had the same thing in their office 1 1/2 yrs ago and, although subtle, I like the results. I'm actually trying to decide between... READ COMMENT