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Ideal Nose Measurement by '' The Perfect Face Mask'' Principle

There is a scentific/Medical/Math project with all messurments of the perfect ideal face. It's called: ''The Perfect face mask'' which you doctor's all... READ MORE

Does 2-4 Fractional (Ablative) C02 Sessions = 1 X Classic Co2 Laser?

Just like the title is saying. Could it be correct/ is it correct that the result of 2-4 threatments with a Fractional ablative C02 (deep FX and Active)laser are... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser: Large Pores - Permanent?

Are the results (2-3 treatments) with the Fractional Co2 laser for larger/deeper/noticable pores (facial) forever? Asuming that the 2-3 treatments & results are very... READ MORE

Getting Multiple Different Treatments, How Do I Decide What To Do When?

I want multiple treatments(nosejob,eyebrow lift,chinlipo) in 1 year. Best idea would be,everything first & fractional laser threatment at last.But would it be possible to... READ MORE

Co2 Laser Peeling After Nosejob

How long do I have to wait with co2 fractional laser peeling, after a big nosejob? Same Q for: other treatments like: eyebrow lift/chin lipo. Im afraid the nose will be to... READ MORE

Eyebrowlift & Upper Eyelid Which Method?

I want my upper eyelid more noticable & my eyebrows are too droopy. But find a complete forehead lift (both methods) too drastic. Although I'm getting a co2 fractional... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser Face - (Hairy) Bumps & Humps

Before I get myself a fractional Co2 laser face treatment; do I need to remove facial; (little/hairy) humps & bumps etc by a beautician or likewise someone before the... READ MORE

Eye Socket/orbit Situation

My eyes are located a bit deeper then usual in my eye-socket/orbit/house of the skelet. Looks like my forehead construction is located more foward or so. What are my options... READ MORE

Nose Tip Shortening: Are Nostrils-wings & Nostrils Shortened Too?

When you would like to get shorten your nosetip to get a more harmonic and little nose result (to decrease/reduce the pullin out): Are your nosetrils/wings & blow wholes... READ MORE

Pearl Normal (Abletive 0,3mm) Same As Old Co2 Laser?

Is the normal pearl laser method (full abletive 0,3mm) when it comes up to depth of the laser on the skin & complication risks the same as the old standard co2 ablative... READ MORE

Repair Vs. Restore (Co2)

What is the differents between these two methods of fract. Co2 treatments? When U should choose for repair and when for restore? When is something a repair treatment & when... READ MORE

What are my best options to reduce the pores on my face?

Personal situation: Male,under 30 years old, white (bit lighter skin tone). Not active acne anymore (every now & then a bit). No 'oil' kinda skin. Larger pores... READ MORE

Is It Too Much To Fix Septum, Hump, and Tip In One Surgery?

Since rinoplasty is the hardest facial surgery there is & the more you want 2 fix, the more risk there is: Is/could a septum,tip & hump correction be 2 much (in 1... READ MORE

Considering Rhinoplasty, Should I Worry About Hay Fever?

Consider rhinoplasty. Bit worried about sensetive tissue/septum(?); bit wounded & bleeding somethimes. Related 2 hayfever 4 pressure inside & sneeze. Therefore; what... READ MORE

Would It Be Wise to Combine the Following Facial Threatments?

Would or could it be wise to combine 3 operations at once: * Rinoplasty (septum/tip/bridge) * UPPER eyelids correction, * Neck/double chin correction by chin lipoculpture... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser: Who's Allowed to Perform?

Is it important that it is a dermatologist who is performing co2 fractional facial laser? Would a plastic surgeon be ok to? What about a beautician since they seem to perform... READ MORE

What Make's a Rhinoplasty Surgeon Specialized?

1. When is a surgeon, considered specialized in rhinoplasty? How many years expierence & how many noses a week should lead 2 this predicate? Whats reasonable &... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Receive a Discount for 2-3 Treatments at One Time?

How normal is it to get or ask for discount for 2-3 treathments at on surgery? In this case 2-3 facial treatments at one surgery. Does this happen in general? How reasonable... READ MORE

Do I Need To Worry About Weather Conditions After Facial Co2 Fract. Laser?

When you've had a Facial Co2 Fract.laser treatment & U work in open air. What about cold,snow,rain,wind (autumm/winter time)? Is it ok 2 work in open air again (2-3... READ MORE

How To Prevent Hay Fever After Upper Eyelid Surgery (Weepy Eyes/redness)

What to say for Hay fever related 2 UPPER eyelid surgery (& eyelid surgery in general)? Before & after surgery. How many days I should stay inside/indoors? This all... READ MORE

is a Technician/Skin Therapist Qualified to Perform Fractional CO2 Laser on Full Face?

In my country most fract co2 laser full face treatments are done by a skin Therapist/technician instead of a docter/surgeon or dermatoligist. Skin Therapist/Technician study in... READ MORE

Is Liposcultpure in Eyebrow Level an Existing Procedure?

I know its not common, but is it a real existing procedure/treatment? when could a subtile liposculpture in the eyebrow area be required? Is it a safe procedure? I was... READ MORE

Is a Liposculture in the Brow Area an Existing Procedure/treatment?

I know its not common, but is it a real existing procedure/treatment? when could a subtile liposculpture in the eyebrow area be required? Is it a safe procedure? I was... READ MORE

Fract. Co2 Laser Facial in Spring/summer Period?

Plan to do 2-3 fract. CO2 facial treatments in spring/summer period 2012. Skintype: II-III. I know that it wouldn't be the most ideal period of time, but proberbly there is... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing Compared To Upper Eye Lid Corr & Chin Liposcultpure Effects?

Plan to do 2-3 Fract Co2 Laser facial treatments. Skintype 2-3. 28 yrs old. I've seen a film with the uppereyelids been tightened up by this co2 laser procedure. Is it... READ MORE

CO2 Resurfacing: Lifting in Eye Brow/upper Eye Area?

Could Co2 fract. Resurfacing have a (semi)lifted/tighting effect/some lifted effect in eyebrow/upper eyelid area? Could it simulate a sort of (semi) upper eye lid correction,... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for the 2nd Treatment? Treating Large Pores and Wrinkles.

Situation: 2-3 Fractional Co2 laser treatments. Main Goal: reduce large pores & some wrinkels & tighten some areas (not that deep/much). Questions: How long to take... READ MORE

Alar - Nosewings: Furrow/curve/line Reshaping or Correction?

White 'normal' bit too projected nose. Get a open tip/septum/hump corr. Also lateral view looks like alar furrow line is to diagonal(up) so a bit out proportion. 1... READ MORE

Deprojection: How Much Mm in General?

When the nose is going to be de-projected (male) by surgery, how many mm is the nose going to get shorter in average/general cases? Is it possible to get the nose 4-5 mm... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser After Rhinoplasty

How many months after open septo/rhinoplasty (also osteotemy nasal bone), is it safe to have a totall facial co2 fractional laser treatment? Would 5-6 months be enough? Could a... READ MORE

Doctor, Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist: Fractional CO2 Laser?

I know that I'm a good canidate for facial fract. co2 laser so far. Skintype is type 2-2,5. But what 2 choose: a doctor (drs.) or a plastic surgeon (dr) or a dermatologist?... READ MORE

Ematrix Vs Fractional Co2 Laser?

Under 30 years,skintype 2-2,5. Larges pores, little wrinkels, texture improvement goals. Is Ematrix more similar/equal to a Fract Co2 or a fractional (non Co2) laser as far as... READ MORE

Rhinopl: Can U Be to Late with Injections (Steroid,kentalog,cortisol Etc) Could They Still Be Usefull After 18-26 Months Post?

1 yr post, total rhino/septum surgery, no grafts,thick skin,tip work. Osteotomies. Difference morning vs evening appereance. Fluid/edema on finger when I stroke external nose... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Oral Vitamins/minerals for Improving Lymphatic Nasal System. And Soften/improving Scar Tissue, How?

2 in general Q. Situated: 12-24 months post. Thicker skin and slow healing people. Complete rhino/septum pl. Open approach. For does who still have some amount of edema but no... READ MORE

Overproduction of Sebum/Oil after open rhinoplasty (2,5 yr post) what to do?

2,5 yr post. Open septoplasty/tip refinement/no implants or perm. sutures. No pimpels etc. Nose skin is very oily/sebum. Clogged pores. Oily finger after stroking on nose.... READ MORE