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I give the same advice that I gave to other with this rash idea. Trying to sue a bankrupt company is ludicrous. You'll spend a whole bunch of money on legal fees for what? For money from a company which is bankrupt? Good luck with that. READ COMMENT

A class action law suit is a waste of time. You'll spend a whole bunch of money and get nothing because the company is BANKRUPT. It will all be a waste of effort and A LOT of money for legal fees. READ COMMENT

I just got this sent to me. It's the number for employees to call to find out about pay and benefits etc. 1-866-973-4344. Best of luck to everyone. Merry Christmas. READ COMMENT

You have it all wrong. Paychecks, the company that pays us, made the mistake. It has already been reversed. You say you know people who are close with Rob and that he hasn't lost millions. Well I am personally close with him and I can... READ COMMENT

You are all wasting your time with this class action stuff. You'll spend thousands of legal fees only to get nothing. If fig. is bankrupt where is the money going to come from. They don't even have the finances to pay us out last pay... READ COMMENT