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Botox Ruined my Smile - Droopy Mouth Corner

I had botox meant to be in the chin area to lift the mouth corners. I have had this done before with no problems but I must admit it felt a bit higher. I also had filler put there at the same time and I think it caused the botox to migrate.I started to feel that I couldnt smile properly after a few days, went back and they said there was very slight asymmetry. It's been 2 weeks and my upper... READ MORE

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Hi, I hope you are ok. The effects will wear off but it does take time. I would definitely stay away from the Botox now. I wondered whether you have ever seen a pain specialist and had something called neuromodulation or any local... READ COMMENT

I had it in my chin near the mouth corners. Meant to stop the mouth corners from turning downwards but went to the wrong muscles and emphasised the drawing down of the corners of the mouth. I now have more saggy skin around my mouth.I... READ COMMENT

Well, I think that would be a funny coincidence if it was bells palsy, considering you just had the botox on that left side and then it happened. I just think that sometimes the doctors dont want to take responsibility for it. I look... READ COMMENT

I appreciate what you are saying but I did go to a doctor who I have been to before with no problems. Now, I am too scared to ever have anything done again. My life is on hold. I know people are worse off but that doesn't help. I wish I... READ COMMENT

Well, it has been 4 weeks now and still no change, in fact I look worse. This is killing me. I have been working but people keep giving me funny looks and asking if I am ok. Both cheeks are saggy but one corner of my mouth is worse... READ COMMENT