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First Ever Whitening - "Zoom" Gave Good Results, but Not Comfortable

Before getting a new crown on an eye tooth, I wanted to have a good (and my first-ever in-office, and I was 49 at the time) bleaching. My teeth are quite white anyhow, so I did not have a lot of discoloration, but wanted to bleach to get a good color selected for the crown.The Zoom process was rather uncomfortable, but tolerable. The worst pain came about 2 hours later, when I had a nasty... READ MORE

So Far, Latisse Adding Just Length to Sparse Blonde Lashes - Iowa

I have been using Latisse since April 6, 2009. My natural lashes are long but somewhat sparse and very blonde. Best news is that now they are really long, so they look awesome with mascara on. I have reduced my use to about once a week right now, as I found that using Latisse more often than that made my eyes itchy and my eyelids redish. I will keep using this even though I did not get... READ MORE

Pleased with my Restylane for Sagging Nasolabial Folds (Late 40s)

At age 47, I had some mild sagging in my nasolabial areas on my deep wrinkles, however. After several consults with a variety of different doctors, I opted for Restylane. My first syringe cost $400, but we only used half of it, and 6 months later, I went back for the other half. I repeated this protocol the following year, and as I near age 50, I still have a good result. The pain... READ MORE