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How Do I Know if the Nostril Incision is Healing Properly After Rhinoplasty?

I had my rhinoplasty 9 days ago so far i havent had any complaints. Im loving the shape and size even tho its still swollen. My concern is my left nostril. The right nostril... READ MORE

Concerns About my Smile After Open Rhinoplasty (7 Weeks Post Op)

I wanted to fix a droppy tip & flared nostrils which occurred only when I smiled. I also mentioned that one of my nostrils pushed upward more & caused a noticable... READ MORE

Uneven After Buccal Fat Removal

I had it done in march of this year and i'm not happy with my cheeks. I wanted a slimmer face but now it looks lifeless & uneven. I feel like too much was removed. What... READ MORE

Snorkeling After Rhinoplasty

I am planning on going snorkeling in 3 wks by then i should be 4 months post op. Is it safe for me to snorkel without causing any damage or irritation to my nose? Will this... READ MORE

Options To Permanently Reverse Buccal Fat Removal?

I had buccal fat removal and was told my face would look slimmer but now i have uneven cheeks and it looks like i have 2 dents. I am looking for a permanent way of reversing it... READ MORE

1 Yr & 5 Months Rhino Post Op & Still Swollen. Will It Go Away?

I had a droopy tip raised & refined but my nose now looks really thin especially at the top of the bridge. the tip looks droopier than before surgery & still feels hard... READ MORE

Make Nose Wider After Rhinoplasty? Almost 2 Yrs Ago

My new nose looks way to thin for my face, it's pointier & flares more. I told my PS the only problem I had was when I smiled my nose drooped a bit & the nostrils... READ MORE