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I did 3 fraxel and it got worse . and the doctor got the nerve to say that i look better.BS.it leave a deep dark pigment like a burn mark. so i did the vi peel frm a different place and my skin really look better now. that stupid doctor... READ COMMENT

Well i got the vi peel done and a couple of vibraderm done.. it really help fade away my pigment due to fraxel.. And i don't consider using that bleaching cream.. It much worser using it beauce it make ure skin all red and blimished.... READ COMMENT

It call the vi peel. work great removing my hyperpigment from my fraxel treatmen. READ COMMENT

After my 3rd treating of fraxel the dark patches would not go away..All the doctor did was recommend me to keep on using the bleaching cream. BUt m y skin got worser and worser. SO i say srew this bullshitt. SO i did the vi peel... READ COMMENT

I have a problem with the fraxel laser.. E everytime i go for the treament my treated area get leave a pigment. it my 3 one now but the doctor say come in for another one, the nurse told me that i would see the affect on the 4... READ COMMENT