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Try not to worry,,, it will be the best thing you have ever done for your self !! when the swelling gos down you will be thrilled .I had mine 12 months ago and remember feeling like you ,,, but it wont last ,,,honist xx READ COMMENT

I had it to my brests 3 months ago, and I feel just like you !!! looked great for first few weeks now nothing !!! waste of my hard earned money !!! READ COMMENT

I am 6 weeks post op and the tightness and spasams are awfull . the thought of having them for 4 years !!!!!! oh lord !!!! I was neaver told about that !! My bigist is on the right of my belly button help !!!!! READ COMMENT

Ohhh I have that pulling in my abbs !! its sooo bad , like cramp on steroides !!!! I am 2 weeks post op swellings and cramps seems to be getting worse not better, and my back is so bad after the lipo . Any way it is still worth it and... READ COMMENT

Hi Thanks for you kind words . I am having my op in Manchester at the spire. 4 more sleeps !!!! am so excited now, as I am sure it will be worth it !!! any way whats the alternative !!!! looking like a pregnant duck forever !!!! NO WAY X READ COMMENT