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Make Sure the People Doing This Know What They're Doing!!! - Vernon Hills, IL

I have done Ultherapy 3x in the past 3 years. I do feel between that, Botox & filler, it HAS shown great results & postponed my need for a facelift for a while. I might have actually waited until I was 60 for a FL, if we weren't moving cross country soon & my insurance hadn't approved my eyelid surgery. I've been so happy with the place I've been going for everything, I figured I'd have the FL... READ MORE

54 Years Old—buying Myself a Face/neck/eye Lift for 55!

54 years old—buying myself a facelift for 55! I’m a healthy, in-shape 54 year old. Lost 50lbs 5 years ago, no sugar for 6 years, no alcohol for 16. I swim 150 laps every week & enjoy water aerobics 3x/week. I have taken very good care of my face; started moisturizing my face/neck 2x/day since the age of 12. Most mistake me for at least 10-15 younger than my age. My only downfall is tan... READ MORE

Looking Forward to Results - Illinois

I lost 45lbs through Overeater's anonymous, 2 years ago. I have been working out hard, a minimum of 3 days/week & can't get rid of my belly pooch. I had a consultation for regular lipo about a month ago, but really am afraid of something so invasive & expensive. The place I go for Botox & filler had an open house tonight. I always go to find out about new procedures... READ MORE

Questions from Pufferpunk

Need to see before/after photos of the face/neck lifts but I'm being told it's against the HIPAA law for him to show them to me?

I feel this surgeon has a lot of great educational credentials but I see no reviews for him for facelifts--mostly breast surgeries. I did get to speak to one referral & she was... READ MORE

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I've had this done 15x with NO pain at all. READ COMMENT

9 treatments in what areas? IMO, you won't be happy with a single treatment in 1 area. I've had my upper/lower abs done 5x, left thigh 3x, right 5x, etc. Takes a while to "sculpt" out the fat. READ COMMENT

I saw him again today, as last month, he injected a tiny scar/bump with steroid. It's nice & smooth now. He keeps insisting if he made me tighter, I'd look fake Y windblown. I told him I'd take the windblown look for the 1st year, if... READ COMMENT

I am also looking for a tighter neck. Surgeon is FULL of excuses: Baby's neck have some stretch, I won't be able to turn my head... on & on... READ COMMENT

The "bags" do not affect your vision, it's purely aesthetic & insurance won't pay for that. READ COMMENT