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I Guess That I Took the Results for Granted. - Edina, MN

I hesitated to first write this review, but I thought that maybe my experience would help others. January 2009 I had one full vile of Sculptra injected into my face to the cost of about $900. The injections themselves were not painful, but within five hours I was in so much pain that I was dizzy... READ MORE

So Far So Good! - Minneapolis, MN

I'm very happy with my results. I received injections 4/28 and by 5/06 I am beginning to see excellent results already. My physician originally did the injections so he could isolate those muscles to inject a filler later. I'll let him make the call, but I might not need filler there... READ MORE

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The nurse that preformed the injections contacted me and wants to work with me to review a plan to make me feel comfortable. I appreciate this and I have another appointment on May 17 and will report what progress occurs. Hats off to... READ COMMENT

Actually Megan, it's more like 1 VILE plus 3 SYRINGES of Sculptra with very little results. Now I have been told that I need 2 syringes of Perlane. It all sorts out to be around $2300 (roughly). Had I known this, I would have spent the... READ COMMENT

I massaged the injection sites 5 times a day, for five minutes each day, for five days. I think that it's necessary to do so to prevent any little lumps. READ COMMENT

No, I'm sorry, Megan. My post is a little goofy. Both times it appears that I had deep injections and both time the pain started within 5 hours of the injections. To my understanding, it is a slow metabolism that allows the results... READ COMMENT

Thank you Britt! I need to dig through my photos to see if I can find a "before". However, since I tried to hide those lines, I might not find one. I am due to return to Dr. Tholen May 17 for injectable fillers. So if I can find... READ COMMENT