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Treatment Review

Didn't work at all - ZERO - I'm "very" surprised by these positive reviews

UltraShape Power

2 Mar 2017, Updated 6 months ago

I had 3 sessions of Ultrashape Power on my inner thighs, followed by Velashape III. This was done in Denver at a very reputable location - my legs were "taped" as necessary and I was laid in specific positions for the treatment. There was no pain (as advertised) and I did my homework (I'm a... READ MORE

Doctor Review

Highly skilled at fillers, especially the "art" of under-eye fillers

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Restylane Silk

9 Jan 2017, Created 8 months ago

Richard Ort, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I have now visited Dr. Ort 3 times, twice for xeomin and once for under-eye fillers. After the past 5 years experiencing both these treatments with different doctors, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Dr. Ort is a cut above the rest and here's why: 1. Most botox/xeomin treatments are done by nurse practitioners and I have bruised EVERY single time I've had them. Not with Dr.... READ MORE

VERY Painful Procedure - Don't Let Many of These Reviews Fool You - Denver, CO

I have to agree with a previous reviewer who questioned the validity of many of the positive "no pain" reviews for Sculpsure. I went to for an appointment for my inner thighs in the Denver, Colorado area. There is absolutely NO way I could take the pain - 3 minutes into it they had to turn the machine off. All 4 applicators were on my inner thighs. I literally thought an iron was burning... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Recovery: Day by Day Journal - Boulder, CO

I had liposuction of the abs, flanks and "muffin top" area yesterday, Friday, May 6th and thought I'd chronicle my experience for others thinking of the procedure. I'm 142lbs and pretty average weight. I go to the gym/do yoga 5-7 days a week and after trying for many months to get rid of my awful muffin top I finally gave up. Every time I'd wear jeans, as soon as... READ MORE

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I had the same procedure done and experienced ZERO results. I'm confused by your review as it takes 2-4 weeks to see results from Ultrashape Power (this is because the fat must be broken down and excreted by the body). I called the... READ COMMENT

Hi there! Congrats, I'm SO happy for you! I am considering this for my inner thigh areas too. Can you please define "painless" :-) I only ask because I have a normal threshold for pain and went for the SculpSure which was considered... READ COMMENT

The nurse practitioner who was giving me the procedure initially stated it didn't hurt at all and that she'd just had her second treatment on her abs (12 weeks apart). After we tried and I couldn't take the pain, I asked how it was... READ COMMENT

I had the outer thighs and it was excruciating. I wasn't able to do the full 25 mins. I had coolsculpting instead - it wasn't pleasant but not nearly as bad as the Sculpsure. READ COMMENT