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Good luck! i had fat grated to my cheeks twice, since my aquamid infection, and it has turned out beautiful! even though i had alot (and still have a lot) of scar tissue.. you cant tell by looking at me, but you can feel it when you... READ COMMENT

Dear Joanna, I know what you been through :( I just wanted to ask you if you had considered fat transfer to your cheeck? Ive too had aquamid injected to my cheeks when i was 19, and only to weeks later infection showed up.. Its now... READ COMMENT

The problem with the product is that it's permanent and very unnatural.. do you have inflammation as in pus coming out? i think i had antibiotics for one and a half month but its a bit difficult for me to remember. the women i... READ COMMENT

Read some of your posts.. in some cases aquamid has caused a reaction in the immune system, and people get sore, read and swollen in the injected areas.. this can turn up even years later. they made a documentary in denmark, where a... READ COMMENT

Already after a couple of days, my face got really swollen and i had antibiotics, which made my face go back to normal in a week or so. But then some hard lumps appeared in both cheeks, which turned out to be inflammation. As they got... READ COMMENT