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Should I Worry About What Others Say/think? - Springfield, MA

Ok so I had them done. I never thought about getting implants, was pretty happy with the size I was. Problem is I was heavier then, started training then lost a lot of weight for figure competitions. With that said, lost my boobs too. As time went on I didn't think much of it but I really started hating the fact that they looked like pieces of skin on my chest and never wanted to take my... READ MORE

Will They Drop? - Springfield, MA

Ok so I was a 34b before my surgery. Wanted 34c, did not want to look over done. So with help from my PS, I decided to get them done a 330cc. My surgery was yesterday, still sore. My concern is that they feel real high on my chest and tight/stiff. I hope that this is just part of the healing process and they will soften up and drop. Please, I would love to hear opinions. READ MORE

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Hi!! I got mine under the muscle. They look smoother and much more natural. Above the muscle tend to be really noticeable in the fact that they are not real. I have high profile 330cc's. I love the size. I'm glad I didn't go bigger but... READ COMMENT

Ok ladies!!! I am currently 2 weeks post op. I did go to the gym yesterday. Can't do much but walk on the treadmill but needed to get out of the house. My breasts have gone down significantly and no longer feel like boulders but they... READ COMMENT

I am in the same boat as you, I thought that they would look perfect straight off the table. Patience is not a virtue I have so it is hard for me. I also worry a lot. I just had mine done a week and two days ago. I must learn to be... READ COMMENT

It was week yesterday, still a bit sore but so much better!!! They are starting to feel like my own and dropping a bit. I did need a strong painkiller the first 2 days. By the 3rd day I felt a little better and didn't need to take... READ COMMENT

I completely agree. I am a little disappointed that she would so quickly say that people who have plastic surgery are insecure. Some people just want to improve themselves and be able to wear clothes without being so self conscious. I... READ COMMENT