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There is the Fraxel re:store, a NON-Ablative fractional laser and the Fraxel re:pair, which is ablative. The latter vaporizes the top layer of the skin. It is painful, requiring nerve blocks. The down time (healing) can be up to 2 weeks... READ COMMENT

I am a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. I am in a practice with 5 satellite offices, 10 derms, 4 PAs, 4 aestheticians, 2 dermpaths etc, the point buying we have a very large volume of cosmetic derm patients. READ COMMENT

I am sorry you have had such a bad experience. I had a Fraxel re:pair and realized that something was afoot before it was unpacked. My lawyer forced them to take it back. I assume you have been back to the MD that treated you with it.... READ COMMENT

I am the senior derm (Cameron L. Smith MD FAAD) in a large practice in eastern NC with 10 derms, 4 PAs, 3 aestheticians, mult satellites etc. I would steer clear of the re:pair. It works well but it is ablative (vaporizes the top layer... READ COMMENT

Christine, the Reliant people told me repeatedly that you were a hatchet job, a hoax, fostered on them by a competitor. You know the truth and can easily prove it. As for me, if they come after you, by all means have your lawyer... READ COMMENT