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36, Saline Implants for 7.5 Years. FINALLY GONE. Columbus, OH

Got saline under the muscle implants 7.5 yrs ago after breast feeding my last child. Due to breast feeding, I ended up fairly flat chested. I was young and thought I needed to look a certain way, but I regretted it almost immediately. They were heavy and always in the way. Caused me to have back pain and posture problems. I hated it. I had a consult a year ago with a Dr based of her review... READ MORE

Questions from Cbus7950

Scar Tissue Inside Nose After Rhinoplasty

I had primary open rhinoplasty and septoplasty 7 weeks ago. The inside of my nose just feels different. Especially When I lay down. I can feel something moving towards the back... READ MORE

When Can I Stop Worrying About Something Going Wrong After my Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty done about 2 months ago. I am so worried about hurting my result, or something going wrong. I think the reason I am so worried, is my surgeon... READ MORE

Should I be Put to Sleep to Have Turbinates Removed?

Hi, and thank you for the answers you docs have given me about the scar tissue inside my nose, and worrying about my results. I truly appreciate it. I am going to try and... READ MORE

Will I be Able to Treat my Post Rhinoplasty Nose as Normal?

I had a very traumatic experience after my rhinoplasty. I am healing fine I think, but I am worried about touching and washing my nose. Will I always have to be concerned? I... READ MORE

Middle Vault Collapse, and Nasal Valve Collapse

After an open rhinoplasty and septoplasty, if middle vault collapse or nasal valve collapse is going to happen, how soon will it happen? Are you ever "out of the... READ MORE

HELP...12 Weeks Post Rhino/septo, and Hit on the Bridge of Nose?

I am about 12 week post open rhino and septplasty. I had my bridge narrowed and lowered and some tip work. Today I picked up my 4 yr old daughter, and she dropped her arm on my... READ MORE

A Firm Point in the Nasal Tip, Is It Permanent?

Hi everyone, I had primary rhino/septoplasty done almost one year ago. I have noticed recently now ( past 2 months) that " most" all the swelling is gone ( except in... READ MORE

Just over One Year Post Rhinoplasty, How Much Change Will Still Occur?

Curious, I'm just over one year post rhinoplasty, and want to know how permanent my result is.. Meaning will the nose significantly change now, or can I be pretty confident... READ MORE

Severly Distorted Nose After Rhinoplasty. Will Immediate Results Show if Something Went Wrong?

Ok, so I have been looking at some of the doctors on here before and after photos. Some of the Revision before and afters are very scary frankly. Some of these noses are... READ MORE

Is This a Hard Nose to Fix? Opinions? (photo)

Curious, to what some of the experts think. Would you say that this would be a hard Rhinoplsty? What you can't see from this photo is that the nose leans to the left..Or the... READ MORE

With a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, Will the Nose Be Pliable?

Im curious, If someone had a non surgical rhinoplasty or filler in the nose, can they still treat their nose normally? Blow the nose , touch or rub the areas where there is... READ MORE

Looking for an experienced injector for non surgical nose job in Ohio?

Hello! I'm hoping to find a local physician who ROUTINELY performs non surgical nose jobs. Anyone ?? :) Thanks ! READ MORE

Will a non surgical nose job hurt the underlying cartilage once it dissolves?

I'm considering a non surgical treatment for nasal tip dents and to widen by bridge. My question is will this harm the nose structure, or prevent me wearing glasses? Also how... READ MORE

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Best thing I ever did ! Over a year out and I look and feel normal . Dr Sullivan is wonderful! READ COMMENT

Hi! Thanks for your review! Can I ask which filler was used, and if your still happy ?! :) READ COMMENT

Two days post explant and I wanted to say thank you for this post and all the others. Praying I heal with no complications! Ready to live life free of those fake things. READ COMMENT

Congrats on your decision to be natural again! I had my explant on Tuesday, so I am in the beginning stages as well. My ps didn't remove my capsule or put drains in either. She said my capsule was thin and there was no need to do that. ... READ COMMENT

Hi ! Just did explant with her today. Would you be willing to chat about recovery with me? Thanks READ COMMENT