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I Had the Lifestyle Lift and Was Left with a One Inch Long Keloid Scar.

I Had the Lifestyle Lift and Was Left with a One Inch Long Keloid Scar in front of my earlobe,which is also out of place.How much would it cost to fix it? READ MORE

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It's really unfair that you remove posts and pictures,many from the 200,000 people who were left scarred,maimed,disfigured,and told to wait two full years before complaining so that THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ARE UP-AND THEY CAN'T SUE.I... READ COMMENT

If you really want to go throygh all that agaIn..a revIsIon would help.they wIll most lIkely do It free If you ask for your records and suggest a lawsuIt..unfIrtunately,thats what It took for me..but. now one sIde Is loose and have been... READ COMMENT

Actually 'sej-tech' there are horror stories from everywhere. -I received all your messages. After two surgeries am left with horrible scars,earlobes turned two different directions,and one side of my face drooping so that people ask if... READ COMMENT

The scars are the least of her worries.As you can see from her pictures-it was a waste of a lot of money.I can see loose skin-and it very quickly returns even worse than before the surgery because they do lipo under the chin-which... READ COMMENT

I had Richard Castellano the first time.The Dr.who tried to fix it,by re-doing it was Dr.Karolak.It's not necessarily the Dr.The procedure was rejected yrs.ago-because it does not work.The results are only temporary.It is not a quick &... READ COMMENT