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Old Crowns Needed Replacing - Vancouver, BC

Dr Edward Lowe at 1200 Burrard St., Vancouver is an amazing cosmetic dentist! I had 35 year old crowns, very discoloured too small plus uneven gum lines. He designed with my input how to give me the best possible smile. It's taken over a month and we're still not done but I'm very happy with the new smile. In 3 weeks I'll see him for a final week after my gums have settled down. I think I want... READ MORE

32GG to 32D (Hope) 5'7" 140lbs No Kids

After menopause boobs blew up to 32GG Want my D cup back AND be free of accompanying sore shoulders, neck&aback pain. Two visits w Dr Watts 2nd one to gain reassurances regarding procedure, size,projection and nipple placement. Though this is covered by MSP, it's my hope that Dr. Watts is sensitive to how a woman's body image matters even at my age, 66. I'm hoping for smaller 32D,perkier... READ MORE

Questions from Susanme

Cost? Procedure details? (photos)

Hi, I'd like to know if you adjust the muscles at the corners of mouth to stop them from pulling downward and to prolong results? I'm concerned about that rat mouth look,... READ MORE

Having a Breast Reduction soon, how much tissue is required to be removed to be covered by our MSP (from BC)? (photos)

From BC Canada and I'd like to know how much tissue is required to be removed to be covered by our MSP. I'm 32" rib measure 41" breast measure. 5'7" 140 lbs. Thankyou READ MORE

Does bra type, sport no wire vs firm underwire effect the long term breast shape?

Opinions vary regarding preferred bra type after a breast reduction so I'm wondering if a very round cupped firm underwire bra would help ensure a perkier round breast shape... READ MORE

How long should facial stitches be left in?

I had a lip lift done 6 days ago out of the country and was told to wait 2 weeks to have stitches removed. I'm worried this may leave worse scaring than if taken out sooner. READ MORE

Recent comments from Susanme

Thanks for the encouragement, you're right the scars are coming along nicely. To answer your question, the direction of nipples I'd hoped for was slightly upturned and a bit less lateral placement. READ COMMENT

Not yet , no, the biggest improvement isn't how I look nude, it's how clothing fits and does look much better. Of coarse it goes without saying my comfort level is vastly improved too. So for that I'm happy. READ COMMENT

Gorgeous results, lucky girl, I had lollipop reduction and nowhere near as perfect as yours are. Galaflex must be a pretty new method as I've not heard of it til now. More info on exactly what it is would be helpful. Thx READ COMMENT

Hey there, haven't been paying attention to this site so it's been ages since u sent your message, I apologize. No I didn't request smaller incisions just dr.s prerogative I guess. That wierd scar has calmed down but I'm not happy with... READ COMMENT

Yes I did see PS last week, she whipped me in and out so fast I felt dizzy! She has said they will round out tho so patience on my part u guess. I see her in June. I asked if massage would help and yes so am doing as much of it as I can... READ COMMENT