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Questions from ItalianAussi

Can Wearing Eye Glasses for Long Periods of Time Cause Bumps or Dents on the Nose?

I have been wearing my specs since I was 9 years old (I am now 21) I was wondering if this is a contribution to the little bump on my nose.. READ MORE

Second Opinion for a Bulbous Tip? (photo)

I have gone to a consultation for rhinoplasty on my nose.. My main problems are that I have a large tip and flared nostrils.. My side profile is straight so that doesnt concern... READ MORE

Can a lip lift be performed WITHOUT making the upper lip larger? (photo)

I am a 24 year old female with a long distance between my upper lip and nose, making my face look masculine and I would like this corrected. However I already have quite full... READ MORE

10 days post op Rhinoplasty and Lip Lift.. results look horrible! Can somebody please help me? (photo)

I wanted a natural looking rhinoplasty with tip refinement using grafts and my bridge narrowed.. However 10 days after my surgery my nose is very up turned and my nostrils seem... READ MORE

Is there still swelling 7 months after an open rhinoplasty and lip lift?

Hi, there.. 7 months ago I had an open rhinoplasty with cartilage grafts in the tip AND a lip lift performed at the same time.. While the tip is definitely improving, it still... READ MORE

Does lack of sleep and exhaustion cause sunken/hollowed eyes?

My eyes are sunken in, to the point where they have lost their almond shape. I suffer from insomnia due to depression and anxiety and can go for days without sleep.. Is there... READ MORE

How can I breathe better whilst waiting for my revision rhinoplasty?

I had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty done 10 months ago and am unhappy with the result as I still have a severely deviated septum, with nasal valve collapse, a hole in my septum and... READ MORE

I have had a revision septorhinoplasty and did not have any internal splints put in. Is this normal?

Last week, I had a revision septorhinoplasty and was not given any internal splints. I was under the impression that they were needed to assist with keeping the septum straight... READ MORE

Recent comments from ItalianAussi

Amazing! You look so hot! =) He did a great job considering you had little fat to begin with.. READ COMMENT

Love your results, hoping mine are as good as yours! What is amazing is that you didn't even bruise! Did the doctor break your nose to shape it? Please keep us up to date with pictures, as this is the type of nose Id like =) READ COMMENT

Your nose looks great.. But please be patient, your swelling will DEFINATELY go down.. itll be worth it READ COMMENT

Your nose looks perfect=) READ COMMENT

Your totally gorgeous by the way! You have an awesome facial structure.. You DO NOT NEED buccal fat removal.. If anything, look into botox injections in the jawline.. They reduce the masseter muscles (not sure if correct spelling) which... READ COMMENT