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NeoGraft is a tool which allows for the harvesting of individual follicular units for transplantation without the traditional removal of a strip of skin with a scalpel, stitches/staples and without leaving a linear scar. This process is... READ COMMENT

@Understand, Thank you for including me in your post. However, your cynical view of the industry is erroneous and misleading. What your view and this thread continues to point out however, is that there are a large variety of... READ COMMENT

Jeff, I enjoyed reading your article comparing less invasive FUE hair transplants with the linear harvesting method. In Boca Raton, 90% of our cases are performed with FUE/NeoGraft. Only 10% opt for a linear harvest. In... READ COMMENT

Great article on some of the benefits of no-scalpel, no-stitch NeoGraft FUE hair transplants. FUE hair transplants have improved in many ways over the years and NeoGraft is certainly responsible for much of the acceleration in speed... READ COMMENT

RDC, I was disappointed to read your review of your hair transplant procedures. Today, modern methods of transplantation (called follicular unit micrografting) when properly combined with medical therapies to stop the progression of... READ COMMENT