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Ugh! Just re-read my comment and very sorry for how harsh it came off, I was overzealous in sympathizing with you. There's still no option to delete on this site so I'll just say I hope the discomfort gets better, you start to see... READ COMMENT

Sorry Jacqueline! As noted, it's clearly crooked, has that obvious 'pinched nostril' jobbed look and has additional nostril show - it looks like a cookie-cutter bad nose job. Was the strut discussed ahead of time, or was it an unwanted... READ COMMENT

Simply amazing! Just one of the best I've ever seen, really brings out your natural beauty. Your doctor's gallery looks stunning, he seems to know tip refinement very well. Congrats! READ COMMENT

I don't usually give over-the-top compliments but your profile is a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie! Gorgeous work. I said I'd never get a nose job done outside of the U.S. but now I'm visiting your Doc's website, Lol! Also thanks so... READ COMMENT

You're lovely! I see you have an overbite, are your teeth proportionate to the size of your mouth (large, gaps, etc.)? I ask because it's possible the overbite and tooth size may contribute to the APPEARANCE of a weak chin. What... READ COMMENT