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No Difference Whatsoever-North Carolina

I might as well have set my $500 on fire. No difference whatsoever in the laugh lines. In fact, I think they are more prominent. Will not do this again. READ MORE

It Works, but Results Depend on How Experienced Your Doctor is

I like the results and continue to get this every 6 months or so. Don't let just anyone do this though. The first time I got it, a nurse in the PS office did it and the results only lasted like 4 weeks. I went to another place, where the doctor did it (is a retired surgeon running a med-spa). I don't know if he just places the needle in the right places or what, but I get 3-4 months of no... READ MORE

A Waste of $1200 - Charlotte, NC

I had the IPL photofacial. A series of 3 treatments. They threw in a fourth for free because it was even clear to the people providing the treatment that the first three had accomplished nothing. In fact, I think the hyperpigmentation is actually worse, brought more of the melanin to the surface or something. Total waste of money. Don't believe the hype. READ MORE

Don't Believe the Hype! This is Not Worth the Money.

I got a "deal" on the price, but still... the results were less than exciting. I maybe had a one shade lighter, maybe 2... but this only lasted a couple of months. You spend 2 hours in the dentist chair and it's not real comfy. I might as well have flushed $350 down the toilet. DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY! READ MORE

So Far, Worth It and Pleased with Circumferential TT

Was prepared for the worst (based on reviews here) but the pain was very manageable. Took the vicodan as presecribed and really only had a wince or 2 of pain when I had to lie back (with help), get up (with help). Once settled in my chair, really had no issues. I am 44 and in good physical shape (have worked out regularly with a trainer for 2 years) and this may be why my recovery was not... READ MORE

IPL - Total Waste of Money

I have some sun damage, hyperpigmentation, on my face -- Did a series of 3 IPL treatements,   Saw some results after the first treatment (dark patches surfacing like "coffee granules" and washing away over about a week), but never saw any results after first treatment. In fact, I believe the hyperpigmentation is worse now. Of course they suggested another series of 3.... READ MORE

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Ladies, can only tell you what he told me... he said sit ups and crunches specifically would pull on the stitches and potentially loosen or pull them apart... and since you just paid $$$ to have the stitches put in... He did say other... READ COMMENT