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I also tried Juveni HA. I had a nurse inject it and I got no lumps, but did get a fever of 103 with major flu like symptoms, aches, sweats for two days. This product is dangerous. READ COMMENT

She is fine now. READ COMMENT

My girlfriend tried Juveni HA. She had a fever of 104 degrees within an hour of administering it. She had large lumps that required Hyaluronase injections followed by Kenalog. Juveni is a dangerous product. Beware. READ COMMENT

I mispoke. Hyaluronidase will work on Juvederm but not on Radiesse. I had Radiesse injected. Hyaluronidase should work if the product is in date and been kept refridgerated. If it does not be sure to have Dr. order fresh batch.. READ COMMENT

Annibal's recent post brings sense to the matter. Restalyne simply does not last for years. Juvederm does. Also, Hyaluronidase does not work on Juvederm. Juvederm takes a few years to diminish. Based on your timeline, it appears a... READ COMMENT