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Revision Surgery Tomorrow! 8 months post op!

I lost 50 pounds over the past year with diet and exercise and after 2 kids many years ago it was time for me to take care of my baby apron. Well everyone, I had my pre op tests at the hospital done today! Received my antibacterial scrubby soap and paid the hospital and anesthesiologist! I am all set to go this coming Thursday! OMG, OMG, I can't believe it is coming soo fast!! I am sooo... READ MORE

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Belly Button Began Poking Out 3 Months Post Op Tummy Tuck, What Happened?

Hi there, I am 14 weeks post op from tummy tuck and I just noticed today when laying flat that a small piece of my belly button is poking out...like an outy. I feel a small... READ MORE

4 years post Tummy Tuck, and I suffer from swelling when running. Why is this?

I had a tummy tuck 4 years ago and swell terribly when I try and run/jog. It has become so bad that it leaves me short of breath on just a 200m warm up run. I crossfit and I... READ MORE

What is this swelling? (Photo)

This is the swelling I experience after running...or today for no reason. I have had bouts of off and on swelling since my tummy tuck over 4 years ago. READ MORE

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Hi all! I had a couple of questions about drainage after TT and lipo to flanks. Can you have excessive drainage? If so what is considered excessive? Also, when should the... READ MORE

3 week questions and clearance

Hey ladies, I have my 3 week post op coming up this week and don't think I have another appointment until 6 weeks so I want to make sure I ask all the questions I need to... READ MORE

Mind over Matter...Take Control of your Recovery

Ladies, I have to say the best piece of advice that I can give is that you can beat this recovery and it doesn't have to be as bad as it is! It hurts, it's annoying,... READ MORE

Lymphatic Massage...was it helpful?

Hey ladies, I am wanting to hear from you on whether you believe lymphatic massage was helpful in your  recovery.  Doctors answers are split on if it is beneficial so... READ MORE

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Lexigirl, my therapist and all that I have read about lymphatic massage say that is a light rhythmic massage with circular strokes and some pumping techniques. Light strokes circular toward the heart and down toward your lymph nodes in... READ COMMENT

Try the lymph drainage massage to help release the toxins and get things moving. I think they really do help. Maybe a 3 day cleanse?? I'm baffled if sodium is low and drinking water! If nothing else works, time and patience. I'm... READ COMMENT

Hey teachfish, it seems you have a ton of swelling. I would take a look at your diet and cut out sodium almost completely. You really have to watch all foods unless they are fresh meats and produce. I had a low sodium can of soup and... READ COMMENT

The overhead exercises are bad because your core is engaged doing those exercises as well as the bench exercises. Lying down and getting up repeatedly is like doing a sit up or crunch! Nothing wring with doing them on an incline bench... READ COMMENT

I went back to the gym a little past 3 weeks post op and it felt wonderful!! Just start out slow with low weights, keep to circuit machines with seats that have backs on them to keep your core from being engaged and listen to your body... READ COMMENT