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I had no result either...three months were up a couple of weeks ago. Nada...very disappointing. You have my sympathy. READ COMMENT

Good grief...Rosina 1952 was my old ID that I lost...somehow I signed in under the old one from my for the record, that is me - Antoniag. READ COMMENT

Well, I haven't seen anything in terms of increased firmness yet, but I am slowly turning green - as a result of your posts ;) So glad for you Miss Clare. Money well invested. My doc, during the consultation, said that I would not... READ COMMENT

TikiTiki, what is evident at the Carruthers' office is that they don't get that times have changed from when "doctor was god." We live in an age where someone can tweet "Carruthers #Fail appalling service. Beware!" to hundreds of... READ COMMENT

I have always liked and respected Dr. Carruthers but he has changed so much. His wife, Jean Carruthers, has never returned calls and, recently, he started taking this approach as well. The women in his office are plain RUDE IMO and full... READ COMMENT