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Katy, how long before your symptoms disappeared? Did you contact the company or ask for reimbursement? READ COMMENT

Hi MissMissy; Wondering what happened in the end with the dysport? Did everything go away? If so how long? Thankfully my side effects are not nearly as severe as yours... but I do have extremely impaired vision. My vision is... READ COMMENT

Hi Kerryb. How long did it take before your symptoms went away? Did anything help? I have the exact same symtoms. Very annoying. I reported it to the company and asked them if they would reimburse me for the cost of glasses, etc so... READ COMMENT

Hi Kimmy, wanted to know how long it took for your vision to improve and also how long it took before your vision cleared up. I am a type A personality and a perfectionist at work but the vision problems I have, and the foggy feeling I... READ COMMENT

Wow, such a relief to read your posts! I am new to Botox & Dysport but decided to try it. Within 1 week my vision changed dramatically. It is EXTREMELY difficult to focus. The best comparison I have is when you get completely drunk-... READ COMMENT