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Juvederm Moved!

I had Juvederm injected in marionette and smile lines 10months ago. Initially, it swelled up a lot. On the left side of my face it seemed to relocate itself from the smile line to above my upper lip. Where it still sits. It is in the shape of a quarter and looks puffy and weird. The doc tried to bring it down a bit, which helped somewhat initially. I decided to wait the rest out. It is going... READ MORE

Sculptra is Not Worth It

I had sculptra injected in temples and cheeks. The first time all went well. Second time I had much more swelling and pain. Three weeks in and still have pain and swelling in one cheek. I should have been happy all went well the first time and left it at that. I will not use it again. READ MORE

Questions from KCas

Will Prednisone Help with Swelling and Pain from Sculptra?

I have been experiencing a lot of pain and swelling on one side of my face for three weeks after Sculptra. Would a course of Prednisone help? READ MORE

How Long Does Juvederm Last?

I've been researching how long Juvederm lasts, but what people say in Juvederm reviews and what the FDA says don't really match up.  Can someone tell me, how... READ MORE

Why Are Sculptra Results So Different in Each Person?

I have read many of the comments posted on this site and other sites and it seems Sculptra is dramatically different for each person. How can that make it reliable? READ MORE

Upper Lip Swelling After Cosmoplast

I had Cosmoplast collagen injections in upper lip yesterday. Will it take a couple days for swelling to totally subside? Is is okay to massage if it is a bit larger than I like? READ MORE

Cosmoplast off the Market?

I heard that Cosmoplast collagen injection is being taken off the market, or already has? Why? READ MORE

Should I Worry About Sculptra Side Effects Now?

I had a couple treatments of Sculptra about a year ago. The results have been good. Should I worry about any side effects now? Likewise, is it posssible for Sculptra to migrate... READ MORE

Can Prednisone Affect Sculptra?

I had to have a short 5 day low dose course of Prednisone to deal with poison ivy. I had sculptra almost three months ago and had already seen filling occuring. Now just two... READ MORE

Recent comments from KCas

A few more months and it should be better, I hope. I had some a year ago and it is still slightly there. Can you massage? Maybe it will help. READ COMMENT