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Thank God!!! I am leaving in a few minutes to go get one of the drains out!! For two days I have had 25 cc in each bulb. How many days will it be before I get the other one out? I guess this means I will be going to work with one of... READ COMMENT

I was nice not have to lug the pain pump thing around my next today. My belly button is just deep! Cindy put the q-tip in and it went deep. I had to turn my head. Tonight I just squirted the neosporin in the and moved it around bit... READ COMMENT

Just got home from the doctor's and I am exhausted! Well, I was little disappointed because my drains need to be in a few more days. I thought they were under 30 but apparently my math skills are not what they should be, haha. Cindy... READ COMMENT

I like reading your postings. I am hoping that these stupid drains go. I know they will only take out one but the pain pump will also be taken out. I will probably go around 11:00. My daughter has a couple morning classes and then... READ COMMENT

Holy cow! you are out and about! I would find it a major feat to walk out in my backyard:) Yes I overlap them. I have the bottom one overlapping the top. We did a little reconstruction today and it seems to be working. I was up... READ COMMENT