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The Consensus is Out...not Sure How Much It Helped? - Seal Beach, CA

I decided to do Ultherapy due to the overwhelming response here and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I actually had the procedure done on my lower eye area. I have been fighting under eye hollowness and dark circles for as long as I can remember and so it was recommended to me that I try it out. I actually did two treatments in the under eye area about a month apart. They warned me... READ MORE

Ipl Worked for my Hyper Pigmentation! - Seal Beach, CA

IPL has helped my face with hyperpigmentation. I have melasma, and dark circles so I was told to try the IPL to help. They also call it a photo facial where I usually go. Although it does hurt( I actually think it is one of the more painful procedures), I do think it helped with my hyperpigmentation and melasma. Your skin looks a little burnt and swollen for a week but it is worth it. I have... READ MORE

Hydroquonine Saved Me from Surgery and Banished my Dark Circles! - Seal Beach, CA

I honestly have been battling dark cicles under my eyes for as long as I can remember. I have tried Restalyne, which pushed up more bluish color and creating an under eye bump even worse than my hollow eyes. I have tried Juvaderm, which also created a bump. When my dark circles became almost unbearable this year thanks to thinning under eye skin, I was ready for surgery or worse. I was... READ MORE

Velashape Did Not Work for Me, Unfortunately - Seal Beach, CA

I tried Velashape in the quest to reduce my cellulite, which has haunted me since I was 13. Unfortunately, Velashape did nothing more but waste an hour it of my life. I saw no difference of an kind. When something sounds to good to be tru, it usually is :( I wish I had not spent the money on this procedure. It doesn't hurt, so that's a plus but if it doesn't work, who cares?I realize that it... READ MORE

Radiesse Works for Plumping Deflated Areas! - Seal Beach, CA

I have had Radiesse a few times and I love it. At 34, I have tried Juvederm and Restalyn as well. Neither product worked nearly as well for plumping as Radiesse. Please note that I did not use it under my eyes, which I have heard is not recommended. I had it put in my cheeks, which helped with the hollows under my eyes and in my chin, which helped shape my face. I would recommend Radiesse to... READ MORE

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I also had people ask if I had two black eyes (most recently my boss :/). The only thing I have ever found to work is the hydro-q. You might be able to get it online. Just make sure it's at least 5% READ COMMENT

I totally understand but please do not do anything harmful. Try the hydroquinone and I bet you will see results. I'm sorry you're so upset but we are our own worst critics and I'm sure it's not as bad as it seems like it is to you.... READ COMMENT

I feel you. Please do not do anything drastic. Seriously, try hydroquinone, it really does help. I'm sorry you feel so bad but honestly we are always our own worst critics and do not let this ruin your life! READ COMMENT

I can't take it right now, because Im pregnant so my dark circles are back with a vengeance!! I'm dying but I will try to find some good before/after pics from before. READ COMMENT

Send me a private message and I will email it to you. READ COMMENT