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I chose Dr. Steven Cohen - Faces Plus in La Jolla. He is fantastic and his staff is incredible. I can't say enough about how wonderful the experience was. READ COMMENT

Hi, I'd say don't panic or freak out at all. My tip looked really small and I thought too "nose job" like in the beginning. But it really does take some time to heal. Now, I look at my tip and think, "could have been a hair smaller..."... READ COMMENT

That's so funny that they told you it was like a few glasses of wine, it must be in the anethesiologist handbook :). But didn't it feel better knowing that we all went through it and came out with flying colors! I found this site... READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm glad the surgery went well. I remember the doctor told me about the discomfort to expect and at the time I thought, 'hell, bring on the discomfort -- I'll have my new nose and I'll be alive!" I was just so scared of the surgery.... READ COMMENT

You're not the only one! I was so scared of the anesthesia, I made sure to interview the anesthesiologists of every surgeon I consulted with. I needed to feel comfortable about the whole thing. And honestly, I wasn't sure I would be. ... READ COMMENT