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Nice Results but General Anesthesia Dangers Should Be Taken Seriously

I was not in dire need of tummy tuck - it was done during a surgery to repair a hernia. I think my tummy sticks out more now and of course, there is a hip to hip scar. I went to an outstanding surgeon repeatedly recommended by every doctor friend we know. He was conservative and careful and yet I nearly died several times under anesthesia, it badly damaged my liver - pretty darn serious... READ MORE

Breast Lifts and Implants Are Very Big Deal, Ladies, but Results Are a Vast Improvement

I have always been extremely busty (34E) and needed a lift after breastfeeding two children. I went round and round with my two doctors consulting on the surgery about whether or not to use implants. I did not want them but the lead surgeon insisted we needed them for reshaping after removal of so much skin and tissue. Well, it was an excrutiatingly painful recovery and a very big deal to... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Gives Spotty Results but Reduces Overall Unwanted Hair Growth

I have purchased two complete rounds of laser hair removal over the past 10 years and it's expensive. I had facial hair removed and also armpits, bikini area, and legs. None of these areas, even after dozens of sessions are hair free or even close to it. There's less hair there to be sure but I still have to shave it all every day. Pretty expensive for so-so results. READ MORE

Lipo is Great for Sculpting Measurements and Contours but Won't Get Rid of Cottage Cheese!

I had an outstanding doctor who did exactly the right thing - didn't suck everything out making me look weird - my proportions were calculated very carefully and he took out exacxtly what he thought was necessary to have balance in my figure and it worked - However, I wish I still didn't have those little dimples under the skin - they are still there after all that pain and expense - that... READ MORE

Juvederm is Great Alternative to Restylane when You Don't Want Topic Anesthesia

I have used Restylane with wonderful, natural looking results for years but just recently my doctor suggested we use Juvederm in my lips and nasolabial folds because I didn't want the numbing injections. It is thinner and easier on you if you just don't want any topical anesthesia. I can leave his office and look pretty darn normal within 20 minutes - great product :) READ MORE

When Done Right (Not Overdone) by a Talented Doctor, Results Are Outstanding!

I started getting Restylane in 2004 for nasolabial folds at 39. We used any extra Restylane in my lips, which already had a great shape but I have a small mouth, so it helped it appear slightly bigger and the entire affect was amazing. Natual looking, no duck-bill overdone lips that look ridiculous and conspicuous. I'm 43 and most people think I'm in my 20's - READ MORE

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