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How to Fix Droopy Eyes

Since i was a kid i've been having what i've been told as droopy eyes or dead fish eyes, this has left some marks in my social life and still is. As you can see in the... READ MORE

Can Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic) Improve Facial Assymetry?

I have a receded chin (retrognathism) with TJM (ATM) which causes my both jaws to click when i eat and to lock sometimes. Also i have an augmented overjet and overbite and my... READ MORE

Breathing Problems After Rhinoseptoplasty

I had a septorhinoplasty in february.I went to the plastic surgeon especially because I couldn’t breathe very well and while I was there, I decided to ask the surgeon to... READ MORE

Do I Have A Dropped Nose Tip?

I think my nose tip is dropping and became more round 4 months post rhinoseptoplasty. It wasn't like this in the first pics i took 2 months ago. You can judge by the pics.... READ MORE

Do I Have A Bad Nose Job and is a Revision Needed?

Had open septorhinoplasty with osteoctomy last february to remove hump in nasal dorsum,improve breathing and fix droopy tip.First month could breathe ok,nasal dorsum was fuller... READ MORE

Eye Shape Problem? (photo)

Since a little kid my eyes became increasingly droopy (imagine Stallone's eyes or droopy the dog) which gives me a sad, tired (sleepy) and emotionless look all the time.It... READ MORE

Treacher Collins Syndrome. Second Opinion on Treatment? (photo)

Hello i've had an appointment with ps today. He told me i have treacher collins syndrome (anti mongoloid slant downward eyes) and i need a canthoplasty and malar fillers to... READ MORE

Uneven Eyes and Possible Eyelid Ptosis After Canthopexy and Malar Fat Transfer? Should I Be Worried? (photo)

Even there is much swelling i´m worried and my gut feeling tells me that this didnt go well. My ps said that i suffered from a deformity in the orbital region and that i had ... READ MORE

Will I Need A Revision Canthopexy? Before and After Surgery. (photo)

It's 17 days post canthopexy / fat grafting. My PS was busy with another client i was just there for him to check me out after the stiches were removed days ago. He came to see... READ MORE

Excess Fat Grafting Under Eye/Malar Area. Shows when I Smile and Makes my Face More Uneven. Can an Excision Be Made?

It's 20 days since i've done a lateral canthopexy and malar fat grafting, took from my own body. Besides the eyes looking as they did before surgery (droopy and sad) now... READ MORE

Will A Lateral Canthopexy Correct an Anti Mongoloid Downward Slant. Or is a Lateral Canthoplasty Needed Instead? (photo)

Also can a lateral canthopexy alone reshape the eye to a slightly more almond shape? PS did a lateral canthopexy and my eyes look exactly as before:sad,tired.My ps only... READ MORE

What can i expect from implants while treating malar hypoplasia? (photo)

I have mild treacher collins which is more recognizable by malar hypoplasia and underdeveloped jaw. PS tried fat harvested from my stomach area and injected it in malar area.... READ MORE

Do I have a negative canthal tilt? Is a 3rd surgery possible? (photos)

Hi. My name's Paulo, i'm 40 years old. I ask this because i had 2 canthopexies (canthoplasties?) done in 2012, and the results left me unhappy. Most of the times i look like... READ MORE

I'm having a BSSO+Lefort 1 with CCW mandibular rotation. Will there be changes in the malar area? (Photo)

Maxfac surgeon found trough ceph that i have a very small airway (4mm) and suspected OSA, severe sleep apnea confirmed hrough sleep test. He told me i have a steep occlusal... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Revision Otoplasty? (Photos)

Hi doctors, I had an otoplasty in 2010, but one of the ears relapsed and i had to go under surgery again 6 months later. Some years have passed and i still dont like to see... READ MORE

Am I candidate for excess upper eyelid exposure surgery? (Photo)

Hi Docs Is it what is called ptosis surgery? My eyebrows are arched and very high and much skin is seen in a way maybe to compensate for a possible ptosis? My right eye is more... READ MORE

Pronounced Nasio Labial Folds when I smile? (Photo)

Hi Doctors. I've noticed that my nasolabial folds / laugh lines are becoming more pronounced as days go by. I dont know if this is caused by the fat grafts to the undereye area... READ MORE