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How Long Is It Necessary to Wait for Rhinoplasty Revision to Fix Only Nostril?

I had a open revision rhinoplasty a month ago (closed primary, July 2011). Goal was to narrow the tip & nostrils more, but primarily to fix my left nostril, which looked... READ MORE

1 year post op, What's Wrong with my Nose? (photo)

My rhinoplasty (over a year ago) was supposed to fix my deviated septum, narrow my tip and my nostrils. The assymetry in my nose post-op is quite drastic in comparison to... READ MORE

Pimple on nose before revision rhinoplasty?

I'm supposed to have a revision rhinoplasty in 2 days and I feel a pimple forming on my alar rim. Will this be an issue? READ MORE

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I'm sorry your outcome wasn't what you had hoped for and you had a bad experience in various ways along with it. Unfortunately, this is sometimes what happens when you have cosmetic surgery, I myself have suffered from this issue by... READ COMMENT

Feeling nervous is absolutely normal, especially for a revision. If you're confident with your surgeon, then proceed. It is after all a minor touch-up, but if you're having doubts, then having consultations with other surgeons or just... READ COMMENT

Looks good so far even with the cast! I hope you heal well and you get the result you desire :) READ COMMENT

Beautiful! You look like a doll. You were gorgeous before too. I'm sure you're very happy with your nose. Do you also get lip injections? Regardless, your lips look nice too. READ COMMENT

Don't believe what you read on the Internet or what Rival claims, he's certainly not the best in Canada or even Toronto. I can't comment on the before and afters and how realistic they are in terms of Rival performing your surgery... READ COMMENT