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Dry Eyes and Droop - I Didn't Even Know I Had This Problem - Age 58 - Atlanta, GA

At a general consultation, Dr. Maloney pointed out that I most likely have dry eyes due to the droop of my lower lids. I had never thought about this, but I was only able to wear my contacts for about three hours per day. After the procedure I am able to wear them as long as I would like.-- 7 AM till midnight. I could not get over the appearance when he showed me how just a little lift of... READ MORE

New Life for an Old Face Damaged by the Sun-- from the South-- Age 58 - Atlanta, GA

I was happy that the CO2 laser peel was recommended and combined with my other procedures. This procedure may not be for everyone, but it certainly turned back the hands of time on my face. If you are not ruthless about covering up and wearing a hat then this is not for you. I had to hide from the sun for a few months and will continue to. I am very happy --Dr. Maloney also combined a... READ MORE

My Cheeks (Ugh). What Cheeks? - Atlanta, GA

I started my search to add fat to my face after I just couldn't look at my cheeks anymore. My face was so hollow and depressing. I am so happy with the results of my fat transfer! I had this process done along with other procedures. I am not even aware that it took place. I am very happy with the results. He added my own fat to my temples, jaw line and lip ! READ MORE

My Horrible Neck and Jowls -- Age 58 - Atlanta, GA

My daughter said that I was still very cute but my face was falling down in a puddle of water. I guess she made that my neck was getting droopy and ugly. And it certainly was. I am so happy that Dr. Maloney was able to refresh my neck --I feel like this procedure alone shaved years off ,! I got so tired of looking at my gobbler!! I will share some before and after's READ MORE

My Long Sad Lip-- Age 58 - Atlanta, GA

I started to become very unhappy with the appearance of my lip. I proceeded to have it filled and plumped , but was never happy with the results. One day I realized that the length had fallen down down down --just like everything when we age. I began to investigate lip lifts , or lip augmentation. I was very afraid that I would come out like Roger rabbit. But I am happy to say I am thrilled... READ MORE

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Awww thank you. Crazy innovation. Lol. Yes. It all falls ! READ COMMENT

Are you speaking about the CO2 laser, the lip lift or the facelift or what part? I think I was in a coma, for sure. As I told another person I am aware that the human body can endure almost anything. My husband is a dentist and... READ COMMENT

I think I was in a coma. Lol. A coma !!!!!! A daze !!!! I wouldn't have done it if I had not had quite a few procedures throughout the years - my husband is a dentist and I've worked in the office over thirty years ! I guess I know... READ COMMENT

Thank you !!!!!!! It was scary -- glad I went through with it. READ COMMENT

Thank you!!!. I was terrified , but it all worked out :) READ COMMENT