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Experienced and Professional - Lake Oswego, OR

I have seen Dr. Klein for cosmetic dermatology for a few years. Dr. Klein placed Voluma Right where I needed it. The procedure was painless and lovely improvement. I did not bruise and was happy with the procedure from begging to end. Dr. Klein is an expert at injections and makes your trip to the dermatologist worth every penny. READ MORE

Belotero in Lips and Marionette Lines - Portland, OR

This was the second time I had Belotero. My dermatologist said she does not use it much, but I wanted to give it a try. In the past I have used Restylane, Juvederm and now Belotero. The Belotero has pretty much settled in at 9 days. I am going to give it two weeks before my final decision. Some of looks great and some not so great. I have a little lump on my lip that I hope will get better in... READ MORE

Xeomin Worked Quicker Than Botox -Portland, OR

Had Xeomin for the first time a week ago. Not only did it work quick it was effective. Lines between my eyes dissipated within 3 days. Crows feet gone in that amount of time too. I have used Botox for many years and liked it. Xeomin is just as good, but not as expensive. I might have Botox next time to get a good comparison. It always takes about 7-10 for Botox to work for me. The Xeomin... READ MORE

Sculptra Worked but Took a While

I had two sessions of sculptra to fill in cheek hollows and temples. It seems to work slowly and up to five months later. Anyway, it took a while but did fill in cheek and temple hollows fairly well. No one notices, unfortunately, or fortunately, I am not sure. Would defintely use on temples again, not sure about cheeks. READ MORE

Love Botox - furrow lines and crows feet - Oregon

I have had botox many times for furrow lines and crows feet. My doctor puts in just enough to minimize the lines, yet I can frown a bit. This last time I had her put in less for crows feet so I could have some smiles lines show. Before they were totally erased. With a bit less, they showed, but I don't mind. I like having expression. So, sometimes less is more. READ MORE

Questions from R Nel

Eyelid Trouble After Sculptra on Cheeks and Temples

I had Sculptra done on my cheeks and temples almost three weeks ago. While the doctor was doing the procedure, she hit a nerve under my eye and I could not close my lid. Within... READ MORE

What Happens when You Have Sculptra Many Months Apart?

I had Sculptra 11 months ago and then again 3 months ago. Will the first set of implants dissapate earlier than the second? READ MORE

What Can I Expect with Sculptra Years Later?

I had a second set of sculptra injections almost four months ago and have had quite a lot of volume increase. Personally, I do not want more. Will it continue to grow... READ MORE

Can Sculptra in my Temples Make my Whole Face Swell?

I am 56, and just had my third session of Sculptra in my temples. I am into day 6 and my temple swelling is much decreased, but my face is very swollen looking. I did not have... READ MORE

What is the Best Filler for Temples?

I had quite a bit of collagen/fat loss in my temples over the years. I was always very thin. What would be the best filler in that area? READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling from Belotero Basic Last?

I had Belotero Basic yesterday in nasolabial lines, marionette and few in chin. Looks okay but kind of swollen still. How long should it last and will it get more swollen as it... READ MORE

Sculptra lump or injection irritation.

Is it possible to have a lump from Sculptra occurring one week after injection? I have a red and raised area on temple one week after a treatment. READ MORE

12 days after Sculptra treatment and have a lump, what should I do?

I had 1 vial of Sculptra in temples 12 days ago. I massaged religiously. The only bruising was from one injection site and it was initially a bit red and raised . I thought it... READ MORE

Will 1% hydro cortisone cream on an aggravated injection site diminish my Sculptra results?

I used over the counter hydro cortisone cream on an aggravated injection site for 14 days after Sculptra treatment. I started using it the second week after treament. The cream... READ MORE

Lump in lip after Belotero filler next day, what can I do to reduce inflammation?

I had Belotero in lips yesterday and I have a noticeable lump in the upper left, bottom near mid-line, part of my lip. Gives me a crooked smile. The bump feels like filler as... READ MORE

Can I have Xeomin 2 weeks before I have cataract surgery?

I am having my right eye cataract removed and then a month later the left eye done. I get Xeomin lightly in my crows feet ( though not under the eye). I also have a small... READ MORE

Will prednisolone eyes drops have any steroidal affects with Sculptra?

I had Sculptra 4 weeks ago but now am using prednisolone acetate drops in one eye following cataract surgery. Will it have any detrimental affect on my Sculptra working? READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma in temple area?

I have had Sculptra in my temples many times and yet still have hollowness in my temples. My dermatologist suggest Voluma. I am wondering how well it works for the temple area. READ MORE

Recent comments from R Nel

It has been just over a month since Belotero in lips and marionette lines. Holding up well in marionette area. My lip had a small bump that is hardly noticeable and glad I did not go in and have it dissolved. Belotero worked well. READ COMMENT

Restylane did not cause the puffiness I experienced from Belotero. Also, I did not have any bumps in lips from Restylane. The lump in my lip is still there after two weeks, but it is small and I might not bother having it dissolved as... READ COMMENT

So far lasting as long as botox READ COMMENT

It has been 1 week and I would say it smooths out lines a bit better for me. I had the same amount used as compared to Botox. Next will be seeing how long it last compared to Botox. READ COMMENT

Yes, it did go away. Took about a year and I have no residual issues at this time. READ COMMENT