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Gotta Keep It Up

It was a pretty speedy process, however, I have naturally sensitive teeth so I probably would not do this again.  Yeah, my teeth were much whiter afterwards but my goodness I was super sensitive for 2 whole weeks. It's been over a year since I had them whitenened and I'm a coffee drinker so they're stained again.  This time around,  I will opt for my Crest White... READ MORE

I See Results 4 Weeks in Already

So I heard that Lumigan's side effect was lash growth years ago so when Latisse came into the market, I realized that it must work or else Allergan would not have gone through the extensive FDA approvals for it.  I got it right when it was available to the public and have been using it every night (well minus 3 nights b/c I completely forgot), and so far I must say it has been working... READ MORE

Had it done between my eyes as the line really bothered me. - Loved It - Los Angeles, CA

Had it done between my eyes as the line really bothered me.  So glad I did it, my doctor also gave me some units to raise my eyebrows and it looked great. Definitely believe in this age prevention type of injections.  I think everyone should do it.  Will do it again in a heartbeat! READ MORE

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Your lashes just revert to its normal length, color and fullness. You know what? I'm now on my 2nd bottle and I just use it like twice a week and my lashes have remained long and lush. READ COMMENT

Agreed, I use one applicator for BOTH eyes every night. READ COMMENT

Kath in Boston, refrain from lash extensions. My friend started using them and now has to get them all the time as they pulled off all of her real lashes. Ronda109, hmm..u're not supposed to be losing lashes. I would go and check... READ COMMENT