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Vaser Lipo Under Chin and Jawline After Laser Lift Failed - Clearwater, FL

After failure of laser lift few years ago I've tried many other alternatives such as viora reaction which helped my face which is the area I actually did the sections for to lift my brows and cheeks, however I decided the quickest way which is lipo for the under chin, the laser lift was a total mistake it melted the fat around my mid face and accumulated it in my Jawline and under chin. The... READ MORE

Reaction by Viora, It's Not Listed Here in the Procedure Type - Tampa, FL

Today I had the most pleasant surprise in years, I had my first treatment of reaction viora and it was an instant face lift, I am very serious when I say instant I've struggled with premature droopiness of my upper eye lids for at leas 3 years now and had tried Dysport injections which had been wonderful however it only last few months. Off course I've already consulted few doctors to... READ MORE

Ultra Jessner Chemical Peel is Good but Do Not Do Microdermabrasion Prior - Florida, FL

I am an expert in chemical peels , have been doing it often this past year to achieve an even tone, which I am very close in getting, last year I had those deep acne scars and dark spots, now I am doing the peels a lot more superficial a single layer and spread out few months apart Luckily I can do my own as I am a skin specialist Well , this review is to speak about my recent experience The... READ MORE

After Hesitating for over a Year I Decided to Dysport and So Far is Best Decision - Florida, FL

Honestly I was so afraid of making this so well needed move after reading so many negative comments from others whom experienced horror after Dysport ; But less than a moth ago, I saw a living social deal :) and I looked into the company's profile and things looked good so I went ahead and bought it, the day of the consult I literally was getting an anxiety attack lol while seating in the... READ MORE

So Far So Good- Florida

I had my first vi peel done 4 days by a very prestigious med spa in my area. I have been dealing with acne problems since July 2009 due to an allergy reaction to an antibiotic tetracycline and after trying all kinds of treatments ,home remedies etc my acne has been under control however it has been a battle to make the acne spots disappear reason why I tried this vi peel with the greatest... READ MORE

Terrible - Miami, FL

Hello everyone! I recently posted an article about a successful microdermabration i had done in my face after dealing with a severe acne. I was feeling pretty lucky! My luck ended, while in Miami I went to get a Mesotherapy treatment after many years of wanting to do it, I've seen friends done it and it had worked well for them, but the difference they went to reputable practitioners... READ MORE

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Wow! You look amazing as it shows in this pic, never thought of Sculptra for the buttocks which is so clever , I am thinking about it for my jawline area but now after reading your post I am curious of how many injections did you need... READ COMMENT

After all I ended up having a small vaser lipo under chin as the laser lift was just a huge mistake, my face shifted dragging the lower part and cheeks down , I was so scared cause my cheeks were forming a V While my chin was... READ COMMENT

Hello I read your reviews up until day 32 , how are you now? Hopefully fully recovered I know this is being a while now I am not planning in doing a deep peel ever as my skin is dark I wouldn't qualify even if I wanted but I usually... READ COMMENT

I did the lazer lift Nov 2013. It's not few years ago, sorry I wrote that in my review, it's only been one year this coming month. I did the Vaser lipo Oct just a month before the year of lazer lift, after trying different treatments, I... READ COMMENT

I am a great believer of vi peels. Amazing results are achieved each time I've done it. I really like those as top of my list. Interesting enough to see comments here like this peels are only medical grade and that is just cause someone... READ COMMENT