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Have Been Unhappy with my 1st Rhinoplasty for 10 Yrs, Finally Ready to Do Something About It - Menlo Park, CA

I had a rhinoplasty about 10 years ago for what I believed to be a too-bulbous tip. I was still a teenager and was overly focused on my nose. My family and boyfriend told me that I didn't need it, but being headstrong, I went to a surgeon in San Francisco who agreed to do the procedure--a "tip-plasty". Hindsight is 20-20 and I have had to live with the fact that I should never have let... READ MORE

not what expected

Unfortunately, I went to a physician in my early 20s interested in one procedure and I instead of getting what I wanted (and still want---a chin reduction for a very long pointy chin), I let him talk me into a buccal excision. Not only did I not need this, it has made my lower face look chiseled and masculine (I am a woman). I am very disappointed by this and am looking into one day have a fat... READ MORE

I Should've Listened to Family and Boyfriend - San Francisco, CA

I'm sure my experience is quite different from others for one big reason...ulike most rhinoplasty candidates, I didn't have a 'hump' nose that needed any bone-breaking/shaving, so all I had trimmed was the tip of my nose which I believed at the time was quite bulbous. I can't say my surgeon did a bad job--he did exactly what I requested. I just wish he stopped me... READ MORE

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Would I Benefit from a Chin Reduction? (Photos)

I was wondering if others think that I could benefit from a chin reduction? I feel my chin is pointy/long, but I'm not sure if I'm just being overly critical and... READ MORE

Can Mini Tummy Tuck (Skin Removal, No Muscle Tightening) Be Done if I Plan on Having Another Baby?

I have a excess abdominal skin (from 2 pregnancies) but am of normal weight. I'm wondering if a surgeon would most likely be willing to do a mini tummy tuck with JUST excess... READ MORE

Why do plastic surgeons raise the nasal tip of every single rhinoplasty patient?

I had a tip rhinoplasty for a bulbous tip done years ago and I've always been dissatisfied by how the surgeon raised the tip of my nose--leading to too much nostril show. I've... READ MORE

Can a poor-result buccal excision be fixed? (Photo)

I had a buccal excision done several years back that left me with a masculine, chiseled looking jawline (I am female). I deeply regret allowing the surgeon to talk me into this... READ MORE

I would like a revision rhinoplasty. How can I best describe what changes I want to a potential surgeon? (Photo)

I had a tip rhinoplasty done 10 yrs ago for what I thought to be a too-bulbous tip (see before pics). I have been very unhappy with my results. I felt the surgeon turned up my... READ MORE

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Should I do a revision? (Photos)

Had a rhinoplasty done 10 yrs ago and have been dissatisfied.  I felt that I shouldn't have done it in the first place (my nose was FINE), but I was a dumb teenager who... READ MORE

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Thanks so much! That's what I'm afraid of--obsessing over something in the pursuit of perfection and causing a worst problems in the long run. Thanks for sharing your experience! READ COMMENT

***not before you, I meant to say "before finishing my thought" stupid smartphone lol! READ COMMENT

Sorry, accidentally posted before you finishing my thought. I think I will look into non-invasive treatment before taking the big plunge. Thanks again! READ COMMENT