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Is It Possible for a Saline Breast Implant to Be Leaking Slowly?

I had saline implants 2 months ago.During the first week i tighened the band much more than supposed to to the pt it bothered me,there was a decrease in shape and size of one... READ MORE

Can a 325cc Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline Implant Be Overfilled by More Than 50cc?

Hi ! I had saline implants two months ago and my doctor filled smoothe round moderate profile saline of 325cc to 390cc on the right side and to 400cc on the left side. What is... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision 5 Months After Initial Procedure

Is It Possible , to Have Revision Surgery , or Correction Surgery 5-6 Months After Breast Augmentation? READ MORE

Can I Change my Saline Implants to Silicone Six Months After the Initial Procedure?

I had saline implants three months ago , Im planning to get them changed to silicone since I believe they look more natural and there is much less degree risk of rupture, and... READ MORE

If 325cc Model of Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline is Overfilled to Aproximately 430 Cc is Will It Ripple??

Hi , i had breast augmentation 5 months ago. I shceduled surgery for may 24, in which i will get added like 30-40cc to my left implant and am having 2nd thoughts. Is it... READ MORE

Claravis (Isotretinoin) and Breast Implant Exchange

Hi I want to get my saline implants exchanged for silicone gel and also diminish my breast asymetry. I am currently taking Claravis (isotretinoin)-a milder formula of what was... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants Exchanged Through the Axilla?

Hi , I had saline implants placed thru the axilla, and want to exchange them for silicone, my doctor says the exchange can be done thru the axilla. Is this true , if so what... READ MORE

The Feel for Saline and Silicone Implants Too Different to Have Them Both?

I am getting implant revision surgery in two days. I have saline implants. My breast were not symmetric one is much bigger than the other and the smaller one is encapsulated.... READ MORE

Is Accutane Effective to Prevent Capsule Formation if I Start Taking It the Day of The Surgery?

Hi I am getting breast augmentation today. I used isotretinoin six months ago. I was going to use accutane to prevent capsule formation but I am worried about breaking out in... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Definitive Results from a Breast Augmentation?

Hi I am wiriting because I have the inquiry to know , from the most I have heard implants keep chainging until a year, I have heard other surgeons say year and a half what is... READ MORE

Breast Implants Second Surgery, Three Months and Half Ago. Does Smoking 3 Cigarette Sticks Affect Outcome of Surgery?

I am non smoker i only smoked in my life for one year and the box lasted two weeks or more. I have smoked three cigarrete sticks, one last week and one yesterday and the other... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser and Facials Can They Both Be Done and with How Much Time in Between?

I have heard from someone who had two fraxel sessions and reffered having red colorations on the site o the extractions please let me know asap READ MORE

Brow Lift and Plyometrics?

Hi there ! I am wirting to you because I am about to get a brow lift done on April 10 and I want to know if I can still be able tonpractice the Insanity workouts in order to... READ MORE

Brow Lift and Anger?

Hi I am writing to you because I had a brow lif one week ago, and today I had a discussion in my family and got angry and felt I frowned my forehead twice. I wonder if this... READ MORE

Brow Lift Accident?

Hi there ! I am writing because I had a coronal brow lift 2 weeks ago. I had one of those metal things that hang in the shower fall in the back of my head not the forehead. I... READ MORE

How Long After Otoplasty Surgery Can I Use Earrings?

Hi I am writing because I am wondering how long after otoplasty surgery is it indicated to wear normal earrings . Thanks for letting me know . In my case t is already a month... READ MORE

Brow Lift Accident 3 Weeks Later?

I had a metal stuff from oone of those that fell from the shower to left side of the back if my head . my left brow has continued to descend all the way . i am worried I... READ MORE

Brow Lift Recovery?

6 weeks post op brow lift. Hi I am six weeks post op from brow lift . I am really worried and when i study I raise my forehead . I did it for almost an evening an my brows i... READ MORE

Heavy lifting 2 months after brow lift

I had a brow lift revision done 2 months and 1 week ago. I am a general medical physician, it is to my understanding that scar tissue completes its process around 3-6months... READ MORE

Is it OK to go scuba diving after brow lift and otoplasty?

Hi! I am writing to you because I had a brow lift performed 3 months and a half ago and I really enjoy scuba diving. I wish to know if it is already safe to go diving . I also... READ MORE

Ear surgery. Is redo necessary every few years?

Hi! I wonder if after certain years after otoplasty do the ears go back to their original position or they stretch a lil bit trying to go back to their original position? Its... READ MORE