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Can Alar Base Cinch Sutures Be Removed? (photo)

I underwent open rhinoplasty on my nose, which had a bulbous tip, low bridge and wide alar base. During the surgery, an alar base cinch suture was performed among others. I'm... READ MORE

Can Nasolabial Fold Asymmetry Be Fixed? (photo)

Is it possible to fix an asymmetrical nasolabial fold? After undergoing open rhinoplasty (which included alarplasty, tip refinement and bridge augmentation) last week, I... READ MORE

Alar Base Cinch Suture?

Is it possible to remove the alar base cinch suture? When I smile, the sutures are preventing my nose from widening. It looks unnatural. I had an open rhinoplasty including... READ MORE

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Thanks for pointing that out, roveralexa. I went to see a doctor today and was told all the external sutures have been removed, which was a relief. What's your email address? I'm thinking if our noses look similar then it confirms my... READ COMMENT

I shed a tear too when I first saw my nose after the cast was taken off! It just wasn't what I had expected. To me it looked unnatural. The change was so drastic that when I was at the airport the next day, I was asked to spell out... READ COMMENT

I'm glad that you ended up loving your nose. I hope the same happens to me. I'm one week post op and I had the same problem as you, where the upper lip covers the teeth when smiling. Did your smile eventually return to normal? Or is... READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear that, Sarajan. Has your smile improved since? I'm having the same problem where my upper lip covers my teeth when I smile. READ COMMENT

I think you look great! It's lovely that Dr Levi and Dr Mark managed to maintain a similar shape to your previous nose. I wish I could say the same about mine. Has your smile returned to normal? After my rhinoplasty at Shimmian Manila... READ COMMENT