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How to Treat a Stubborn Cyst?

I got a cyst 4 months ago. I've had 5 steroid injections in it. It shrinks temporarily but then swells up again. It's firm but flucuates and feels like a "sac" filled with gel.... READ MORE

Kenalog Granules After Injecting Into Encapsulated Cyst?

I had an ecapsulated acne cyst for 6 months and have had it injected with kenalog countless times. It now looks white almost like scar tissue in the middle. A surgeon I saw... READ MORE

Kenalog Strength and Frequency?

I have had a scar injected countless times with kenlog 2.5 with minimal success over 5-6months . I do not have ANY atrophy. The scar is still thick although somewhat smaller. I... READ MORE

How Often Can I Do IPL?

Hello, I've had IPL for multiples issues, acne and acne scars on my face; brown spots/hyperpigmentation on a surgical scar and for spider veins on my legs. How frequently... READ MORE

Pulse Dye Laser and Cortisone Injection Combined, is This Okay?

Hi, I have an acne cyst that I treated with pulse dye laser a couple days ago and It is pretty swollen. I am wondering if I can get a cortisone/kenalog injection to keep the... READ MORE

Can I Excise This Current Excision Scar Or Will 6 Days After The Previous One Be Too Hard On My Skin?

I had a scar excision 6 days ago. I have a bad Scar from Scar Excision (Too Much Tension, Not Closed with Everted Probably) It is not healing properly, little spots of blood... READ MORE

Everted Closure Scar Excision? (photo)

I had a scar excision on my face done with everted closure&vertical mattress sutures to keep tension away from the incision line. Then I read that vertical mattress suture... READ MORE

Blue Light Therapy with Levulan Freckles?

I am scheduled for Bluelight therapy with levulan for my acne but I want to know will it also help with freckles and fine lines? Also, will I peel? I want a second opinion... READ MORE

Do the Pulse Dye Laser Shrink Sebaceous Glands?

Is it true that the pulse dye laser shrink sebaceous glands? And if so, is that at any strength? Or only when you do it to the point of bruising? Thanks READ MORE

Pulse Dye Laser While Incision is Still Swollen?

I just had a scar excision and want to treat the incision line with pulse dye laser. The Pubmed studies I read used the pulse dye on the day the stitches were taken out.... READ MORE

When Do You See Pulse Dye Laser Results?

Hello, I had pulse dye laser for redness a couple weeks ago and there is still redness there. I had it done for red acne hyperpigmentation and also for spider veins on my legs.... READ MORE

Steroid Injection for Facial Scar Tissue? (photo)

I had a scar excision on my jawline5 weeks ago. It didn't close and had to be redone 1 week later. I then developed a lump of scar tissue underneath the excision. And the ends... READ MORE

Bump from Stitches on Face?

Hello, I had an excision done on my face and there is a bump at the end of the incision where I believe there is a knot from the stitches (or scar tissue). It has been 1 month.... READ MORE

Mometasone Furoate for a Scar?

I have a surgical scar on my face and it is very lumpy and unsightly. I am desperate for a way to improve the appearance. I have some mometasone furoate cream 1% and want to... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have a Facial Scar Excision Redone?

I had a scar excised on my chin/jawline area 2 months ago by a Derm. It looks awful; its hard and there is quite a bit of scar tissue underneath and around it. It looks so bad... READ MORE

I have Fat Necrosis from an excision done on my face?

Does this occur only when the surgeon doesn't properly provide blood supply to the area? Or can that happen even with a perfect surgery? I need to know if he messed me up and I... READ MORE

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Will you please post pictures? I am considering explant too. Thanks for sharing! READ COMMENT

Please keep us informed. I just emailed Dr Melmed because I have had 2 revisions and still look bad. He was kinda terse in his email, which surprised me, because I read a lot of great reviews about him. Did you feel like he really... READ COMMENT

Yes, did you have any damage from this? Or good results? How does it look? READ COMMENT