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How about getting it done in Thailand? Very good hospitals and surgeons there and cheap. Sorry to hear you ate going through this. They don't last forever though. READ COMMENT

Just go for it. I am getting bigger ones (even after I just read all these scary posts pretty much telling me that the implants will slowely kill me. yikes) I am getting it done it Thailand so it's not such a huge cost. Get what you... READ COMMENT

400CC will be pretty big on your small frame, but you may have a lot of tissue to fill? I had nothing! Absolutely flat! I got only 225cc. They are nice and perfect, but I did want a bit bigger so I am going back in June to get... READ COMMENT

Hi, instead why don't you buy a compression bra? They are designed for after surgery. Just google it and find the company in your area. I just got mine sent to me. Im in Australia and the company orders them from a US company. If... READ COMMENT